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Mason APP/Controller & 9-Telescopic/Vibration & Penis Ring Locking Prostate Massager

Mason APP/Controller & 9-Telescopic/Vibration & Penis Ring Locking Prostate Massager

US$ 54.99

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Mason APP/Controller & 9-Telescopic/Vibration & Penis Ring Locking Prostate Massager
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    • Product Name: Mason APP/Controller & 9-Telescopic/Vibration & Penis Ring Locking Prostate Massager
    • Item NO.: 20179523
    • Weight: 1 kg = 2.2046 lb = 35.2740 oz
    • Creation Time: 2022-10-13

    1、Impact P point: 9-vibration/9-stretch & lock sperm ring, continue to impact the prostate, increase delay.
    2、APP control:
    (1)Music mode: massager will vibrate with the rhythm and amplitude of the mobile phone;
    (2)Interactive mode: messages, voice, pictures, real-time video, break the distance.
    3、Stimulate the rectum: the ring of the central axis, slide up and down, rub the rectum, extra crisp pleasure.
    4、Protect the sphincter: extremely thin waist bottom to prevent the anus from enlarged.
    5、Penile ring bump: with the vibration stimulation of the penile nerve, the pleasure is doubled.

    6、quality assurance: low noise, remote control, waterproof, rechargeable, bring you more possibilities.


    Hey bro! Ever tried a prostatic orgasm? Give it a bold try, he will be a great sex buddy.
    He has 9 levels of expansion and vibration for you to switch at will, and the penis ring with gear bumps will also vibrate at the same time so that you can be congested and enlarged while the P point is constantly impacted and the orgasm is repeated, and the penis can be congested and enlarged, and it will not be weak for a long time! It is now when the bumps continue to stimulate the nerves of the penis, coupled with the rapid friction of your hands, it will definitely make you ascend to the double orgasm of the prostate and the penis!
    If your lover is far away, but you're hungry and thirsty, Murphy can help you out.
    Open the mobile APP, click on the icon of the lover, and the system will initiate an interactive invitation, music, text, pictures, and voice can be chatted at will, and finally of course it is indispensable to open the video, and he envisions the scene of making love together, kissing, caressing, twitching, moaning, and finally harvesting pleasure together to reach the climax!


    Size:4.6* 6 in
    Insertable Length: 5.1 in
    Function: 9 thrusting & 9 vibrations & APP
    Waterproof: IPX7
    Material: ABS+silicone

Customer Reviews



I can't wait to use it! !


I have tried plenty of prostate massagers before and most of the time, they don't do much for me. Either from not having a thrusting motion or the controls are purely on the device, which means I have to adjust from a comfortable position or a just right position, just to change the settings. The Hellofuntoys one, I was a little skeptical due it being pretty cheap price wise, but decided to try it out as the last thrusting prostate massager I had found, was well over $100, so I wanted to try this. Worked flawlessly for me. For me, it's the perfect size in terms of length and girth, the thrusting is what I think I need in a prostate massager and the biggest thing for me, is it comes with a small little remote and can be used with the app, which lets me sit in the just right position when I find it, and when I want to change the settings, I can do it from my phone, which will already more than likely be in my hand.

I haven't tried the functions where it can play along with music yet, I do plan to try all the different app features. The cock ring part of it is enjoyable. I do get a small bit of vibration (not sure if that's a feature) which makes the pleasure even better for me!

It's not the loudest massager I've used, basically if you turn your TV up and close a door or go in the shower and leave the shower running, you should be good to go.

When this toy eventually dies, I 100% plan to buy more from this company. I was skeptical buying it and didn't have much in terms of hope, but I have used this basically every night since the past 2 weeks and I plan to keep going because this has been very enjoyable over the vast majority of other toys I've used! This small device packs a lot of power behind it and the app is just so perfect to let me do what I want while using the toy.


I have never been so excited to try out a new product! When it came home, I got it in the normal bag packaged but within the package came a black inconspicuous box. As I opened it, long behold the beautiful thruster looking prostate massager. I was too excited so I opened it .Decided to download the APP! YES AN APP, that allows the device to connect via bluetooth and then utilize a network connection. Invited my friend to test it and was it just so funny to see it on my desk vibrating on its own . I don't want to get into too much detail but this thing is SO FUN! I plan to use it with many friends across the country!!!


I enjoyed using the phone app which really kept the experience interesting and it allowed for lots of control over the toy.
It is designed and made extremely well. The vibrating motor is unexpectedly powerful. The device has a number of different vibrating and thrusting modes that are sure to keep things interesting when using. You won’t go wrong with this personal device, it's a good value for the money. Shopping around, this massager has better features than other massagers costing twice the price. You will not go wrong with this and I highly recommmend.