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Reviews (21)
  • g****t
    toy felt amazing. just lay back and let it do the work
  • Bl****en
    This toy boasts a lot of features including warming, a variety of vibration modes and a suction action that can all be changed at the press of a convenient button. This toy is meant to stimulate the frenulum and can be hand operated to add a masturbation element. As a final treat, there is a button which synchronizes all these functions for an extreme sensation. The product is well made, easy to clean and the silicone toy of the device is removable for cleaning or use as an egg style masturbator.
  • R****d
    This is a great product. It is easy to use with basic instructions. Amazing warm option and incredibly easy to clean. Would highly recommend
  • Ri****hy
    If you want get satisfied, don’t forget to buy this male masturbator cup automatic. You gonna enjoy it and love it. Feel amazing and you gonna love it.
  • S****y
    i got this product so quickly and it was amazing. it came all together already just had to charge it real quick and wash it, it was super easy to wash, and then the pleasure began. the suction is super nice with all its settings and it’s vibration, very nice. it felt so good can’t wait to continue to use it.
  • Hu****er
    Wow wow wow. Well that certainly was fun hahaha just do yourself a favor a buy yourself one of these
  • Am****er
    Don’t have anything bad to say about it haha
  • J****n
    A very pleasant sensation, plus the warming really works!
  • L****E
    Nothing to dislike, absolutely amazing suction. Variable speed and vibration will bring you to the edge and then take you over beyond your wildest dreams
  • De****ia
    Definitely the best auto strokers I’ve had! Definitely recommend this product if you want to lay back and have your eyes roll back as this services you perfectly!
  • Cl****an
    Good product. Very satisfying would definitely purchase again. Does what it's intended to do.
  • T****r
    The suction technology is very cool, it’s easy to clean and the charging system is nice. Made for a lil guy though
  • Am****er
    I read the reviews extensively before I bought this product. I had hoped this to deliver close-to-real sensation of a blowjob to completion. After several uses, I can confirm this does what I needed. My wife does not let me enjoy fully (you all know what I meant). The suction creates a totally different sensation, the soft insides really tries to mimic the real mouth and throat, it is close but not quite same as the real mouth and throat. The vibration pushed me over the edge several times and I can complete while suction and vibration are still on-going. This is what I meant when I said my wife could not let me enjoy fully. Easy to clean with water and soap. No smell. Dries quickly. Get it! You will love it!!
  • O****n
    This product is absolutely phenomenal!!! I just recent moved away from my boyfriend and there’s nothing I love more than a nice and warm blowjob and this product does the trick!! 10/10 recommend.
  • c****y
    More of a slow relaxing motion
  • A****n
    So this product is fun, for the most part. I like the intense suction (it’s quite powerful actually) but the depth of the cavity is quite shallow and difficult to use on any part but the tip. Great for getting you going but becomes slightly difficult for the finish. Overall, it’s still fun and I enjoy all the settings it has.
  • ma****ma
    It’s the best masturbator and automatic stroker combo on the market. Easy to use and easy to clean. Inside material is soft and feels like real.
  • R****.
    Great toy light weight
  • H****e
    Its vibrating, sucking, heating is the strongest I've ever seen and I definitely won't regret buying it. Excellent! ! I am willing to pay my bills for it. 💵💵💵
  • C****b
    It’s suction and vibration are great.