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Reviews (15)
  • Sm****ey
    I have bought and tried 7 different brand units within the past 2 years. But this unit by far is the best one. The first one I bought it broke as I was careless. Decided to buy 2 more after that. Loved it so much that when I went to buy another one they were out of stock. I waited a few months and bought 2 more about 2 weeks ago just in case they were out of stock again. When i bought the 2 units One was defective so i sent them an email and they were nice enough to send a replacement but before the replacement arrived I decided to buy another one . Now I have 3 of them and One is on order and the replacement will arrive by April 10th. That will be 5 units total. I would have had 7 units but 2 of them broke. These units are great. And worth to keep an extra one or 2 handy just in case. And the customer service was great. I rather keep extra units just in case they run out of stock again.
  • Co****nt
    An absolute brilliant stroker that can provide lots of fun and lots of orgasmsI ordered this particular thrusting masturbator for when I was away from home and my partner. Its discreet case makes it look like a flask rather than a sex toy helping to avoid any nosey people. It's also as easy to use as it is to clean. The inner sleeve of the automatic male masturbator cup is soft and very welcoming. The sensations provided by this pocket pussy are amazing and will help lead to an explosive orgasm for the person using it.It feels great and replicates the feeling of penetrative sex quite well. Of course sex has a lot of elements that a piece of plastic and silicone can't live up to, but the general sensation is fairly similar and I'd say the orgasms are up there. So this definitely isn't an improvement or a match for actual sex, but it's a lot better than using your hand.I'm new with sex toys, but gosh I love it. Best thing I ever bought I love it! A new world opened for me. And the design is just perfect. Fits perfectly around my penis and gives me the most amazing feeling with every stroke. I have the best orgasms with my new sex novelties.I think it’s worth a buy. Highly recommend.
  • S****n
    Ok, I can't last more than 2 minutes with this toy. Ignore other reviews of this being junk. I've had it for 3 weeks and have no mechanical or other issues. I agree with other reviews that it fits those of us a bit larger, great depth. Must keep it charged for best performance and don't forget lube! Easy clean, easy to take apart and together, not extremely load. I would buy again.
  • k****s
    Its a good deal would buy again
  • El****de
    Love this masturbate cup. It’s a great feeling every time I use it. A must get.
  • Le****ic
    It’s amazing
  • Yu****ah
    Best Masturbator! Maximum Penis Pleasure!I was a little hesitant at trying out this male masturbator at first, needless to say I was pleasantly surprised. This sex toy blew my mind! When first opening the thrusting toy, it was elegant, classic and sturdy.The soft inner sleeve is tightly stuck inside the plastic cup. Really feels amazing to the touch, very high quality product. The entrance is perfect for being able to experiment with different speeds without having to worry about too much friction. The stimulation is absolutely fantastic. You can feel every thrusting, rib and nub inside, really arousing your penis for max stimulation. Being able to freely adjust the thrusting and rotating speed is an amazing feature.My partner and I also used this automatic male masturbator in bed together, and for me to use if he was feeling too tired for a full complete session! We used it together to warm up for our nightly session, a generous amount of lube is definitely the MUST. I slid in once hard and it was instantly pleasurable. The hard outer casing is easy to hold when using to stroke yourself, and I came close to orgasm very quickly. This is a fantastic automatic male masturbator cup for both personal use and with a partner. Once finished the stroker is easy to clean and conceal. Highly recommended in conclusion!
  • Da****tf
    It amazing the best product I have ever gotten
  • Ma****rd
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     Absolutely worth getting if you're looking for a solid auto masterbator toy. While it is made for guys of standard length and girth, it can absolutely accommodate us guys that are somewhat longer and girthier.The toy comes apart for really easy cleaning and as a fun addition, this toy also comes with headphones for moaning / orgasm noises that come from the toy to help ya along. I will say the one downside I found was the toy is a little noisier than I had hoped but it's not crazy loud either. Definitely no regrets here!
  • Ca****on
    Perfect and very easy to hide
  • J****y
    Felt great and made me cum quicklyAfter having had a few smaller male masturbators, I decided to buy this stroker which seemed bigger.While taking it out of the discreet packaging, I was very eager to try it out. This is brilliant, just apply your desired amount of lube and crack on. This feels great on my shaft and is big enough for me, use plenty of lube and this feels relatively realistic and provides a Really good finish - I like that the adjustable thrusting motion acts as a cum catcher. The soft sleeve is very easy to clean up. Just remove the insert and run water through, use wipes to clean the plastic tube and leave to air dry. Fun to use by yourself or with your other half using it on you.This is definitely an upgrade from using my hand, I barely last two minutes with this outstanding automatic male masturbator cup! Lube is definitely needed.In terms of male masturbator cups, I would say this is in the top 3 of the whole range. The quality of the product is excellent, nice feeling plastic case and internal sleeve feels lovely. The varying textures in the canal really add a great variety to this toy. Allowing you to focus on a particular sensation, or flowing through the full length, enjoying the different texture zones.This sex toy is one you will continually go back to again and again. A great masturbator and happy with this purchase.
  • Lu****ra
    This is feel great on the skin. And the shipping was fast. I’m amazed this product and will definitely buying more from them
  • A****y
    I really love this product. Definitely worth the money
  • Sc****21
    Very simple and easy to use and clean
  • o****s
    This product is so amazing to see you to the next level.This product will have your toes Crawling and eyes rolling to the back of your head. It a must have.