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Reviews (13)
  • K****a
    When we first turned it on, we were both a little surprised at what the motion looked like. This isn't like a normal vibrator. It actually vibrates towards the tip and even does a swirling motion. It even extends slightly and retracts! We tried it together and she overall thought that she actually liked it better without the motion. She loved the feel of the outside material and how amazingly realistic it was, so that alone seemed to be enough for her. I tried the warming part of it as well, but couldn't really feel a big difference. Maybe it's because the material seemed to keep heat well when being held. I think overall what we would love to see is a dildo with the exact same material as this one, but maybe with a more flexible core in the middle that can bend easier for different positions. It has a suction cup at the base which seems to work well enough, but my wife noticed that it is harder to do certain positions with it simple because of it being a little too stiff.
  • O****o
    When operating, not only does the shaft thrust up & down, but it also spins around using joints in the middle. Thrust settings are varied in both intensity and patterns; every pattern is unique so you'll always have something else to switch to. When heating is activated another red light next to the power light on the bottom turns on and from there it takes 5 min to heat. Only the tip is heated but it gets VERY warm and stays warm for quite a while afterward. The heating is a little demanding of battery power so make sure it's fully charged before trying.
  • J****y
    First Impressions- Box is very discrete with no pictures or giveaway text on the outside. The outer skin feels and looks great, but since it has other components on the inside, it is stiffer than usual flexible toys. Again, very detailed looking and feeling on the outside. Needs to be fully charged before trying. Comes with a charging cable and remote. The Remote is very small and easily concealable. The charger is a little tricky to plugin because of the outer flexible layer.
  • An****er
    We owned a similar product previously, but was on the hunt for a replacement. After reading the reviews for this, I was positive this would be better than our previous one, and I was right! The “skin” is very realistic, the size is perfect, and the functionality is amazing! I also love the suction cup feature, which I was not sure about at first, but quickly realized the added fun it offered! I highly recommend this as a personal use item or use in couples fun!
  • Li****ee
    So I was honestly a little skeptical about this before I've never used a thrusting dildo before but it was absolutely amazing. It felt completely real. I love that it has so many functions and that it's so easy to switch through them all when in use. It's also super easy to clean which I appreciate as some can be a real hassle. I would definitely recommend this and in just one day it's become my favorite dildo.
  • K****i
    While this is a girthy toy that vibrates I’m not sure you could consider it “thrusting” I came but it took a long time.
  • B****B
    This is definitely my favorite suction dildo to date. The motion of this toy is wonderful, the suction actually holds, and it feels very soft & comfortable. 10/10 would recommend!
  • Wr****er
    Perfecr product! Soft, realistic, and powerful. My girlfriend loves it! The motor is a tad noisy but other than that the warming feature allows it to gets nice and warm! Amazing product!
  • I****n
    The silicone is super soft and realistic feeling. I can tell by the second I took it out of the box that it would be an assent to my growing collection. I LOVE THIS TOY! I really really do. From the heating tip to feel super realistic to the orgasm mode that literally beats me up in the best way possible. Order this toy. It’s worth waaaay more than what they are pricing it for.
  • B****r
    Loved this product! To say the least, very enjoyable. SUPER REALISTIC, definitely worth the purchase! Would buy from seller again
  • Si****e'
    So soft and comfortable!
  • M****a
    Very soft material and easy to clean.
  • j****e
    Love it, feels and looks very realistic and soft. Pretty good size and vibrating feature is great. Defs hits the spot