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[Hot Sale] 6.3 Tanned Mouth Blowjob Masturbator Stroker
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Reviews (15)
  • D****D
    Tried out this toy today and it was a great experience! It’s a little bit smaller than I expected, but has a good weight to it and the material feels very nice. The internal length may cause you to “bottom out” in the toy sooner than you expect, but it stretches very nicely if you keep pushing. The textures inside felt really pleasurable sliding into it. Personally I found the teeth a little hard, but much easier than real teeth for sure, and for the guys I know who are really into that when getting head, it would definitely satisfy that itch. I’ve got to say the number one top feature of this product is probably the visuals! The face looks very realistic even when stretching around you, and if you gently lift the lips you see a realistic looking tongue and teeth. If you love watching yourself enter someone’s mouth, or if you love deepthroating, I’d highly recommend this toy!
  • V****k
    Amazing!!!!! It’s great, it feels like my girlfriend’s mouth.
  • Y****i
    this was fuckin great. i cam 3 times in a row!
  • C****r
    So. After becoming single for awhile, I decided to finally get one of these toys for me. But after all the internet research, and time spent trying to figure out whats best, I decided to get one of many and just see what I like. I justified the money I spent with a possible date.
  • F****a
    OMG got it yesterday and tried out last night, I was cumming in no time
  • T****o
    This is the best blow job sex toys u every got an man let me tell you just had some oils an u will get the best blow job in ur life she even swallow.
  • K****a
    Es ist wie ein realistischer Mund und Sie können Ihren Schwanz hineinstecken, und es fühlt sich sehr weich an und fühlt sich immer eng und cool an. Ich liebe dieses Produkt mehr als den Mund meiner Freundin. Es ist so cool und ich empfehle Ihnen, schnell zu kaufen!
  • Y****a
    Very nice mouth/throat that creates suction automatically. Good weight and quality material. Perfect when you want to get a lil mouth without getting any lip. Ha. Hellofuntoys does it right. Happy with all purchases from them
  • M****g
    Get it! Feels great, my girlfriend loves using it on me.
  • D****l
    Feels great! It is difficult to clean afterwards. Found it starts to lose its tightness after a few times. That being said, I would highly recommend this to anyone. My new favourite!
  • F****o
    Hey anyone looking for a great blow job get this toys she will blow ur brains out . Means she can go an go fuck i will go some more fun with her she great man . This is what u need .

  • A****y
    For a long time, I have been looking for a realistic blowpipe sleeve. After searching many fancy products and expensive oral sex machines , they were all disappointed with the bj experience. However, this surprised me! The real charm of this sleeve is the first three inches of the mouth. With the correct operation, you can spit out your tongue and read more comments, and explain that the magic rubs the first three inches of your throat in a way that you might only get on your birthday. There are still many shortcomings in the deep throat experience, but I have not found a product that can solve this problem. Many people have said before that cleaning is a bitch because it is sealed behind. Maybe the manufacturer can design a detachable plug or something to solve this problem. The teeth don't bother me at all. When cleaning, you may feel like a germ, vomiting it out of your mouth for the rest of your life, but this is easy to achieve.
  • N****o
    She is awesome everywhere! I really like the curvature of her lips, very sexy and cool, like a woman I can't conquer in the real world. I was so excited when I thought of using her mouth touch my little brother here! ! ! !
  • E****o
    About 2 years after my wife of 20 years bails out in search of, well, who knows; I stumbled across this little gem. Unbelievable, really. Softer than you'd think, more lifelike than anything you imagine, aside from the real thing. Of note would be those little teeth! Those little bottom teeth are not sharp or too stiff, but just enough to let you know they are in the game! Wild!
  • R****e
    So soft!!but useful!