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Reviews (5)
  • S****.
    A toy like this has definitely surprised me! I've heard of things like this, but never felt the motivation to try it, until I decided to explore a little more.I will say that in the stimulation department, this goes 200%! I didn't know that having it rotate/spin would change the game! Although, some feedback I have for this is I which there was a slower setting, so that it can help me last longer and build up to it. Regardless, it definitely does not fail to achieve it's goal.Something to note is that this product isn't super friendly for those who have a below average size, as it has to be long enough to reach the inner cup that rotates and thrusts. It can still get the job done possibly, but it would only stimulate the head most likely.Clean up was a little bit weird, especially with the size of the whole toy. I was afraid of breaking it. Once you get past the pulling and some clicks, it's easy enough to clean.Overall, this was amazing! Love that I can add this to my routine~ Hopefully this also makes sessions with my partner more exciting too~
  • We****er
    Works great. Feels great. Sounds great.
  • mi****ia
    This is an amazing toy to use when you don’t want to do all the work haha
  • B****V
    I didn't expect it to be so powerful! You should be ready and understand the machine before you go TOO crazy and test it out! Knowing what order things are and what buttons work best is a great idea to make sure to not over stimulate your time! Otherwise great product! I didn't realize it came with some headphones to make sure you had the ability to use the voice option. Great feel overall and very easy cleanup!
  • J****n
    I love it!