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Reviews (14)
  • R****a
    This was way better than I thought, out of the for devices I have this is by far the best, once tou get it fine tuned it really feels like the real thing
    You willnot regret it.
  • F****.
    The cup is soft and has a good feel. It's also washable. The 10 variations on the vibrator are nice and a few are pretty strong. The vacuum pump feature has great suction. There are a lot of variations to try. You will have to experiment to find the one that meets your satisfaction, but once you figure it out it gets the job done. This is not a Quickie machine, so add some lube, take your time and enjoy.
  • wo****ll
    OK, I am going to probably shock some reading this BUT I am 62 and my husband will soon be 65. Believe me, we still like great sex, and often (2 or 3 times a week. On vacation recently it was every night for 7 or 8 straight. I didn't have this little GEM then (I wish). Took a glans trainer (doesn't need any training) but has 5 little motors on it that gives it a lot of different sensations. He said it felt like me performing oral sex. We called this one the spaceship because that's what it looks like, but it would just die too soon. I was looking for another as to have two so that when one died the other was ready to go! Ah, BUT I ran across this GEM in the process and am I ever glad! I didn't tell him about it. When it got here he was the one who opened it. Finally got the chance to use it on him and he said Hmmm, this might just have replaced the spaceship ! He was enjoying it and I was enjoying watching him enjoy it! The only problem....... it also dies (or slows down) too soon. So, here I am to buy another so that when one dies, the other is rarin' to go! Reckon one can't get just a motor, tubing and vibrator/suction so I'll just buy the whole thing and be ready to go on our marathon runs ! Bot, by the is a GREAT toy! All-in-All YES would recommend it and ENJOY!
  • S****a
    Quality materials. Long lasting charge. I wanted to experiment with suction, which this does a good job of delivering.
  • P****S
    Overall, this a great product and works well! The suction power is amazing and feels very real and the soft, ribbed inside gives ultimate pleasure. The vibration settings for the cup is nice and really adds a nice effect to the overall experience.
  • O****n
    This it waaaay better than any of the4 or 5 other device's i've bought.
    At a fraction of the price. In fact i just ordered another as a back up. Once you figure the trick, add sucktion then use the big button to release a little it feels exactly like a Real bj. Be sure to use silk or hi quality lube. Its Sooo worth it
    Perfect size for me 5 3/4 in.
  • J****D
    Simple and effective. That is the best way that I can describe the “Remote controlled Male Masturbator blow job simulator” from Hellofuntoys. The device works as intended, with three buttons that give the user complete control over their experience. The Left most button switches between ten different vibration options. Weak, Medium, strong and various pulse combinations. The sensation from the medical grade silicone orifice is akin to a Fleshlight, making it very squishy, soft and satisfying. Along the inside of the sleeve are an array of thick follicles design to stimulate every inch of the penis. The center button acts as a pressure release for the vacuum suction that can be toggled on with the right most button. The suction delivers a gentle yet firm grip on the user’s penis, which in tern makes manually gliding the masturbator over the shaft more enjoyable. It truly feels like have your penis sucked on by an eager lover. That being said, I recommend this product for men that want to have a sex toy that is easy to hide, keep clean and satisfy their sexual needs to completion.
  • M****b
    This hands-free style male sex toy is absolutely amazing. This hands free oral sex masturbator concept is incredible and the finished product IS the perfect pleasure machine, and certainly worth the price. I would recommend this toy to anyone who would like to experience the powerful method of hands-free masturbation. The masturbator arrived quickly in a discreet cardboard box. Inside the box, the toy is contained and perfectly placed in its own plastic cutout, showing off the elegant product. I really like the color of the sleeve The transparent liner material drives me wild, as i love see to see my penis while I am squirming in my sheets. Thanks to the compact complex channel, sexy and comfortable channel design, it feels just like the flesh you’re used to. It is premium material made from medical silicone material which is soft, flexible, skin-friendly, resistant to temperature and odor free. The appearance is smooth and not greasy so it is easy to clean. The masturbator offers 10 speeds for different vibrating frequency experience, you can always find one to suit your needs. In use, this toy was exceptional. The first time that I used it, it made me orgasm in record time, and the orgasm was one of the most powerful which I have ever had! The product is a realistic female mouth. This toy is very easy to clean after a great session! And even though the toy sucks and vibrates with great power, it is able to stay quiet which is essential! This toy from Hellofuntoys is amazing.
  • N****n
    Ok, for starters, this product is amazing! Great material, soft enough for the machine to suck but not too soft to where it collapses. The actual device you use is easy to disassemble and clean! Very easy to use! I love this product! It's the perfect size too! Creates a very nice suction and is very easy to recharge and use over and over again!
  • c****r
    This product is as they made for fits just right it is better than others.
  • D****c
    Great product over all! Easy to charge and simple to use! Clean up is very easy, just pop the vibrator, suction part out and hand wash in the sink! The material is very soft and rugged! I'd strongly recommend buying this product! Best on the market!
  • R****.
    You could say I was blown away by this product. It has incredible sucking power and can be tightened to your own preference and you can relieve the pressure at any time. It also has multiple vibration settings to spice things up. It's pretty soft and incredibly stretchy. The suction bit is easily removed so the toy can be cleaned and you can clean the suction line by submerging the end in water and running the vacuum. Overall I recommend this product.
  • Pa****er
    This product does everything that it is supposed to and is a good solo toy for the price! It is easy to clean with some toy cleaner. And very fun toy!
  • J****o
    The best and only well thought out product designed to provide oral satisfaction, from, I am reviewing the best Blowjob Masturbator on the market!I've always been an advocate of loving one self before they can love someone else. Having said that, I could not wait to get my new toy! As soon as it came I had to try it out right away. Let's start with the material. It is good quality...could be a bit softer in my opinion. But then again, every guy has had special attention, and experienced teeth or the overachiever, which is the giver trying to hard and isn't the best route. Besides the little firmness of the material, it looks amazing and I was very excited. Everything from the packaging to the toy itself. It even came with free lube. The instructions that it came with were also very easy to read. They make it easy for you from the beginning to the is pretty straightforward....It has a vibrating mode that also works like a charm with 10 different modes and does the sucking at the same time. The sucking power and vibrations that come from it are powerful. No question about it. It can be used multiple different ways also, no vibration, vibration , sucking mode etc. This blowjob simulator has an extra button to release the air inside the mouth which is can feel the vibrations, a sucking sensation & the whole time, you can watch your soldier handle business inside the clear sleeve. They definitely hit the bullseye with this item. It has all of the anticipation, surprise, build-up and finally, a sweet, sensual climax......Oh and another lovely fact is, everytime you want to release inside and not pull out and finish, this sex toy is willing and waiting for your finale. All in all, the product is definitely one to enjoy for yourself. Strong sensations bring a powerful release and even though I would prefer a bit softer material, it's very likely that once it is well broken in, the material would be more supple. I would recommend this for guys looking for a new experience either solo or even with a partner. It literally drained me into a 3 hour nap lolThe only negative is that the stroker isn't the most accommodating for larger fellas.....there is just about 5 from lip to the back of the throat. That could also be the reason I thought the material was a bit firm. I will update after it's broken in and we will go from there. But until then, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to this oral simulator. It's also, affordable ringing in at just under $34. Enjoy and happy fapping!