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Reviews (7)
  • Ca****ro
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     First thing I love is it’s very easy to wash before and after using because everything does stick to it when it’s inside a drawer or your nightstand wherever you keep your favorite things. It’s very easy to charge it has different vibration modes which is nice. I do wish that it had a lighter vibration mode so you can put it on intense vibration or a lighter vibration. Another thing it’s really loud but it’s definitely something you could get over lol I did see a lot of reviews saying that it’s really loud but it’s not too loud not to be able to deal with. Could be a little awkward if you’re not home alone and there’s other people in the house. But my husband and I are the only ones in this house so it’s great lol it’s very soft. I’m very pleased with it😜🤪 it’s definitely a must have. You definitely can’t be mad at something that gets you there in 15 to 30 seconds. When it takes your man longer😂 you won’t be disappointed!!
  • Am****er
    Every woman should own this. Results in seconds! This gadget must've been invented by a woman. Grade A quality... can't stress enough what a great product this is. I was hesitant at the price at first but it is worth every penny and then some! Stop reading this and buy it!
  • T****a
    Get it!The rose looks like a cute toy. But then you turn it on and Wow! No need for a man if you have amazing toys like this.
  • L****e
    Jesus you won’t regret it
  • Am****er
    This is an amazing product. 100% recommend
  • N****G
    Highly recommend!!! Can’t believe my first time ever squirting was from this friggin rose 🤣 ladies put down a towel first!
  • K****l
    I never write reviews but for this I had to. Ladies, BUY IT NOW. I don’t ever orgasm until I was introduced to this. My soul literally leaves my body every time I use this on myself. Best money I’ve ever spent!! It’s extremely addicting