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Reviews (8)
  • C****p
    I've always liked the heightening sensation effect that suction can bring, and I've seen the tongue toys. When i saw this toy had the combination of both, i knew i had to try it. The results were incredible! Within just four minutes i was shaking with tremor after tremor of pleasure. Hint: use the enclosed lube on the tongue to make it feel even better. I'm soooooo glad i got this, it's going to be put to a lot of use while other toys in my collection collect dust.
  • P****L
    Love the little box this came in! Everything was wrapped in plastic and packaged so nicely! This toy huge! I love how I can use both ends! The tongue is wild and the vibrating wand at the end spices up! Was all very satisfying for me!
  • Me****an
    This was an absolute fantastic surprise in the mail. This is made of a high quality silicone and is a water proof rechargeable toy. The tip of the tongue is made of a soft, squishy, silicone so it isn’t too hard or rough on the more sensitive area. It has very fast, very intense speed as well as a softer, slower speed. There are 3 patterns that vary in between the two.The cups for the sickroom attachment are, unfortunately, made of the jelly material that is fairly difficult to properly clean. Since jelly products are porous they tend to collect bacteria more easily. So just make sure you are properly cleaning your toy with toy cleaner before and after each use.Now when it says this is a suction toy they mean it! You can press and hold the + button to manually increase the suction. However once you release the button, it immediately releases the pressure. There is a pattern button that sucks and releases pressure at various intensities.The vibration on this toy ranges from super fast to a slow pace. It is able to stimulate the g-spot with its length and curve. If you are not used to internal toys it may be a bit thick. Insertion and removal is comfortable and enjoyable.The sound from the tongue may be a bit loud so either use something to muffle the noise or wait until you know the coast is clear. Surprisingly that is the loudest part of the toy. The suction has very little sound. I used this toy next to my partner and he didn’t even notice I was using it. The vibration is just above the noise level of the suction while not inserted. After insertion it is almost silent.JUST PLEASE REMEMBER TO ONLY USE WATER BASED LUBRICANTS AS THIS IS A SILICONE TOY AND SILICONE LUBRICANT CAN BREAK AND DESTROY THE SILICONE.Overall this toy is absolutely amazing. It has a variety of patterns and types of stimulation to choose from. It is a rechargeable toy with a battery that lasts about 2-4 hours depending on how long you use it and what speeds. For getting technically 3 toys in one, the price on this toy is ridiculously cheap for such a high quality product.10/10 would recommend this toy to people who are new and experienced with toys in general
  • Fa****ey
    If you are looking for a nice relaxing and sensual night but want to social distance, look no further! Light some candles, have a glass of wine, maybe a nice dinner, and then let this bad boy do allllll the work. Wanna get freaky and get ya booty ate? He won’t say no 😏 it sucks the soul out of you like a dementor, because trust me the air left my body. 10/10 going to risk my life again.
  • Be****ur
    So I got this as a gag gift thinking it wouldn't be legit .. well let's just say when I opened the box to make sure things were good, I decided to keep it for myself 🥳
  • C****e
    This thing is amazing. I love the tongue action. And the speed is incredible. My new favorite toy. I ordered it on wed and received it the very next day. It came in a unmarked package too which was great. It also comes with lube and didn't take very long to charge it. Overall I'm very pleased with this product
  • L****i
    The licking sensation was super amazing feeling and if you use the sucking power with it makes it super easy to cum, will definitely recommend to my friends.
  • Da****ht
    This toy is definitely a one of a kind design. Licking and sucking pump on one side and vibrator on the other. What more could you ask for in a toy? So much fun! Easy to clean, easy to store packaging, two different shapes for the suction cup and rechargeable too!