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Reviews (22)
  • B****e
    10/10 really pleases the peen, sucks like a champ and not a disappointment!
  • l****n
    It was relatively easy to cleaning, you can take it apart and clean the inside portion. Its designs looks stylish and makes it better when gripping it.
  • jo****in
    He seems to enjoy it enough to use it while he is away on long trips.It's ribbed I'm a way that really makes you tingle all over when you climax.You forever recommend
  • Ph****io
    Great toy to use with your partner as part of foreplay.Upon first use, I found it a little difficult to begin using. You must use a lot of lube in order for it to slide on without discomfort, but once you are into the swing of things it is a very pleasurable toy.Very very easy to clean,The bottom cover is detachable,which is a great bonus, It means make it easy to dry as well.
  • Ch****er
    The internal tunnel is comfortably snug and is coated with small flaps that give great sensations as they slide over your head and down the shaft.This toy has very quickly become my go-to for a quick and easy orgasm.
  • J****n
    For my personal pleasure
  • s****a
    I would definitely recommend it over fleshlight. Its price is very reasonable,worth the money.It's very realistic and life-like,which makes for a pleasurable,realistic experience.It's fun to use alone or with a partner and it's very easy to use.Just make sure that you realize that it's high maintenance when it comes to cleaning.
  • Pe****ig
    I honestly love this thing. It feels so good to use. I have had mine for a while now and is still in great shape. Putting a little corn starch renews that really soft feeling that I love. Also the best product for cleaning as well. Comes apart real nice, and goes back together easily. Great product!
  • A****l
    This masturbator is very durable, i like that it has a ribbed texture as well as the nub texture. And this toy is very easy to clean, just use water or some toy cleaner and it will be good as new. Excellent Product.
  • Ra****ws
    While I've only had a few toys like this, this one is simply amazing! Wow! It gives me intense orgasms. The first time I only was able to stroke it about 7 or 8 times before I came! It feels so good! The second time I was able to go about 10 times. Now I'm learning how to control myself. I use it about once or twice a day. I think this toy will be very good for helping someone be able to last longer with a real person. It is so soft and squeezes in all the right places. While the real thing is bet
  • J****6
    This is a good stroker. It clearly emulates a flashlight, but at a third the cost.The mold is nicely designed, and visually appealing. It looks realistic enough, and conveniently closes up to be easily stashed away.It’s larger than anticipated. It will accommodate your size no matter what.It’s great for keeping it handy, and discreet. It’s ready when you are.The stroker portion easily removed for cleaning.
  • M****w
    This was amazing, first time getting anything like this and wow impressed
  • Sw****on
    This is a great item. The fit is a bit tight but with plenty of lubricant the sensation is terrific. To wash, make yourself a small dishmop (the foam kind) and use anti-bacterial dish soap to scrub it out. Works perfect. Changing the angle and orientation provides different sensations, which is nice. I have found you can build your endurance with this and I can easily do 45 minutes non-stop thanks to practice with it.If your married, this really fills in those long gaps between getting lucky with a gru
  • li****ez
    Bf loved... Great price. Was xmas gift.
  • Cr****or
    This one quickly became my favorite. The internal firmness and detailed texturing of the sleeve come together perfectly to make a very intense experience out of each session. It's so simple to clean you don't even really need to remove it from it's shell usually, but if you do the edges are smooth so it won't shred your fingers! There's a sliding cover at the base that serves two purposes by providing drainage access when open and mild suction when closed. It's probably the best manual mens toy you can find
  • J****e
    Way too good for the price. Tried a couple other ones, same price and even more expensive ones, and this is still my go-to. The only thing is I wish they had given me the choice for length, because this is extra long, and I don't know what to do with the last half of this product. (I'm using two hands when I feel I should be using one, one hand to hold the end in place, and the other to stroke.)
  • Y****A
    I love my new toy. It is very amazing and does the job. Came in Discreet package so that’s awesome
  • Ch****ri
    I love watching my OH cum and this made him cum so hard it was such a turn on.
  • I****s
    This is really great, but its pretty big actually.
  • J****n
    Feels great once you try it you gonna love you bought this. Guess who not gonna care when gf acting up.