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Reviews (16)
  • J****J
    Product was here super quick. My GF was very very happy with her present
  • T****K
    Normally, toys are men are far and few between until you find a good one. I was skeptical about this toy, but it works really well. In fact, maybe too well! It is a great toy for edging fans and has a lot of different vibration modes and intensities to choose from. I was pleasantly surprised by this toy and I highly recommend it.
  • M****x
    I received it soon, I like it very much
  • J****s
    The vibrator is strong and at the tip for deeper vibration. I like that the power selector even works for patters so you’re always in great control of how strong or weak it is (may be good for teasing or longer sessions)
  • Ca****on
    I think this could be a little more quiet but other than that it’s fine.
  • Ms****e💋
    Works great ! It came fast and is very easy to use! Great product!
  • B****b
    Amazing!! I love it.
  • Am****er
    Good product. Couple used and enjoyed it's different and unique movements. Looking forward to using again. Many settings. Easy to charge.
  • Ry****gs
    Much funny and good quality toys for me.It was entertaining and give much pleasure. My boyfriend takes it and play with much ways. The vibration modes is also strong. But in order to use it more smooth, use with some lubes will be more comfortable.
  • E****n
    I used it and it’s amazing ! Love it!!
  • Kh****ha
    I like the product it can make you feeling more than use the dildo. Or other vibrator. I enjoy with it.material is nice solf gentle when use. Not cause any allergic.
  • Jm****wn
    This is my second toy that I've had like this, and now I feel like I've been missing out for quite some time. I have been hesitant to upgrade to a toy like this because of their price. This one was reasonably priced so I purchased it.It has several different modes and speeds to choose from. Finding the one that works for you might take a few seconds. When you do your toes might start to curl or knees buckle.The battery life seems to be good. I have never had it run out during use on me before. I typically charge it once after use and the battery hold for a good amount of time. You could probably get multiple session on of one charge if you use it more frequent.One word of advice however is to use a high quality water-based lubricant as it needs to be able to glide smoothly or you'll be putting stress on the motor.It is very easy to clean. Everything comes apart so you can wash it and let it dry with no trouble at all.Can be quite intense so I suggest starting on low and slow. Gradually work your way up to fast speeds and rhythms.
  • B****B
    Well. Covid continues and so does being stir crazy. Enter this lovely device in all the glory that is an automated disembodied vagina.And it’s great.There are a few other toys on the market that effectively do the same job. While not naming brands they are basically harnesses that take your existing unit that moves it up and down your...unit. Probably cost you 250 or soThis thing has ok power, runs pretty quiet and feels great. It’s a bit more traditional than the spinning ones...which are nice in their own sense.This will milk you dry and milk you quick.Best of all the box doesn’t scream disembodied vagina.Yay
  • Je****th
    Worked Great, Easy to use. what more can you ask for?
  • M****j
    Mother fuck!! it is too cool!
  • Am****er
    This is one of the best toys I’ve ever tried. Add a small amount lube and it and enjoy. For best results, edge for an hour or so, great battery and strong motor, AND it’s very quiet. Great vibe patterns I love this thing! Great price too