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Reviews (17)
  • sh****on
    My wife bought this for me as a gift to help with lasting longer because she wants the 20 years old me back.But I must say I was really surprised at the realness of this item.Since using this regularly,I have gotten my teenage urges back,Worth every penny.
  • ha****:)
    this thing feels awesome took way to long to get it but that was because of covid they have sped up shipping now love the texture and softness feels awesome and real thanks seller
  • ch****ly
    Since this seems to have been a manufacturing issue, I've received a coupon for a new toy. The customer service has been great in resolving this issue. I am pleased with the feedback, and I believe this toy is now even better than the one originally shipped. The price is also a great deal for an item as such. You can trust this company will make sure you're fully satisfied if you ever encounter an issue.Thanks so much for everything!
  • D****y
    Got the boyfriend this toy to try. He says he has tried another, cheaper version of a masturbator cup like this in the past and this one knocks that one out of the park! The material is very soft and feels highly quality. It has a valve that helps with the suction but also doubles to help with cleaning. Cleaning is easy enough but obviously not quite as simple as other toys that are for insertion. The base is sturdy and strong, but feels a little big even for his fairly large hands. He says it feels really good and he likes it but I think he would like it more if it vibrated too so that's what we have our sights on for his next try. Overall, he enjoys this a lot so well done!
  • A****o
    It looks so realistic and just like it was described and shown, I love all the textures inside!!At the same time use with lubricants,Makes it feel more like the real thing.The toy is very easy to clean out because the bottom of the toy has a hole where you can easily run water through the top and rinse out anything else that may be in there.
  • An****us
    Omg so good!
  • jo****ws
    Tight insert rigid inside makes me blow so hard it shoots up in the air and across the bed feels like the real thing.
  • a****.
    All I can say is wow!The day I got it I used it and have not had an orgasm like that in a long time.This is a very good buy.It feels real and the suction just sets the orgasm off.I am very glad I bought this.
  • t****y
    Before i got this i read all the reviews and the few negative reviews didn't seem terrible.I just have to say once i lube this up and slide in if I closed my eyes I could not tell the difference between my wife and this.It is totally amazing!!!Great for those times when shes too tired to play !!!
  • B****e
    Great product. I am very satisfied. Strongly recommend this.
  • C****w
    Great feel, very realistic.
  • SE****ES
    I love it.use this on a daily basis practically.Feels even better covering the hole one the back end.With a little lube added and warmed up a bit this worked great to bring me to an explosive climax.Great solo or with spouse for added enjoyment.
  • d****r
    Realistic feel!Long enough!Can squeeze the pressure you desire!Very nice material!Great buy!
  • P****t
    I don’t know how I’m supposed to train myself to control my P.E with this lolIt feels way too much like the real thing and make training difficult for me lol.In all seriousness I am very happy with this toy.
  • T****y
    Very pleased, worth the price.
  • A****w
    Haven't tested it out yet but it looks great, feels great, and looks pretty damn real!
  • br****el
    It came in a discreet packaging, which was good.We brought this out during foreplay and my husband got so excited that he came within minutes. It's now become a part of our sex life and guys you won't be disappointed.