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Reviews (18)
  • a****n
    It does what it says it does. It sucks, it vibes, and it even has a handy little grip thing so you can increase the suction or pressure. Build quality seems good and it doesn't take ages to charge either.
  • B****e
    This feels really great and has become my go to toy to use! Not too loud, suction is good; recommend a good amount of lube!
  • C****T
    this blew my mind. far exceeded my expectations - the suction on this i was hesitant about, not knowing if it'd just be weak or just a gimmick. but man - this thing sucks (in the GOOD way)!!! feels too real. i almost want to say the vacuum was almost too much - hard to last as long as usual. but again, all in a good way! and top that off with the vibration function.. that'll take you over the edge! now one of my favorite toys put into regular rotation.
  • PJ****17
    Not only does this thing work amazingly well, but clean up is a breeze. It's solid while it's going to town (and boy oh boy does it work perfectly), but after you're done it's easy to disconnect and thoroughly clean so it's ready for the next time.Changing modes while in use is also easy and convenient. Some other machines temporarily turn off while switching gears which can be a real buzz kill, but this one transitions easily and can cycle through modes nicely too. You can also set the suction and vibration independently so you can dial in exactly what you need.All around great product!
  • Fa****al
    Man this thing will have you in a complete lost of breathe like you just ran a 5 mile run in 2 mins lol
  • En****ki
    Recently bought this, and I gotta say, this is one of the many few toys that are unique! Worth buying for your personal self, or with a partner!😏
  • D****R
    No longer need to hook up off dating websites. This thing does wonders!
  • S****L
    The most high-tech male toy I have ever seen! It was highly enjoyable experience! So simple and easy to take apart and clean! The box is good high quality and can be used to store the toy in long term. Strong suction force, thankfully it has a release button or we would have had a hard time getting it off. Definitely a great deal!!
  • Mi****ii
    Very strong suction, lots of options for vibrations.Water based lube only.
  • Ni****10
    Works great ez to clean
  • Am****er
    Hands down my favorite toy. Insert and start up. I trying to take my p**** out but it sucked it back in and before I knew it I relieved myself. Mind blowing to say the least. By far the best purchase yet !!! You won’t regret it.
  • Si****ai
    The Vibration, the suction and the way it is textured on the inside make it so much better than anything else I have ever tried.It let's you squeeze! I hate using other ones that you can not grip however this one it is amazing how you can grip it and just take full control as it is working its magic.So easy to clean, it is so beautiful and sleek.If I could give this toy more than 5 stars I would give it the whole galaxy amazing fun !
  • B****r
    This toy is spectacular from the moment it arrives. Very discreet, and high end packaging. You feel like you're opening a present. Which you are :) The toy has multiple modes for both suction and vibration. The suction as wonderful on its own. It's powerful yet comfortable, and great for relaxing and enjoying the sensations. The vibrations are a great addition, and allow you to customize exactly how intense the sensation is, and control the experience.Great toy at a great price!
  • Ju****ne
    This is east to use fast cleaning and feels so good. It comes with lube and fast charge
  • H****s
    I wasn't sure what to expect with this two for one deal as far as suction.I love this toy. I have a few similar toys, but this one is my favorite.The suction on this took me by surprise, it is for sure powerful, and I was very pleased ALL the way to the end. It utilizes some basic suction motions and vibrations. The game changer is the intensity of the suction which works with a blow hole in the back. That was driving me crazy. The suction got so intense that It wound up sucking, with the assistance of my pumping. It felt so good I didn't want the sensation to end. This has really become my new favorite toy. The feel on top of seeing me fill up the tube was just amazing.The sleeve is comfortable and one of the easiest units to clean. Best one out there, highly recommend.
  • Gi****or
    This is a mind blowing toy. The suck feature is incredibly powerful. Great package, easy to clean, clear instructions. The vibration is diverse and has lots of different settings. Overall love this thing!!
  • W****W
    This is the best toy I have used yet. The adjustable suction is firm without being painful. The adjustable vibration is great. The depth of the tube is 6 inches. It draws you in eagerly and holds on tight. The texture inside is very stimulating.
  • A****y
    Looks awesome cant wait to test it out