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Reviews (15)
  • Te****ng
    Real nice worked good
  • O****a
    I was skeptical at first and had this in my cart for 3 weeks. Now I wish I would've bought it the first day I saw it.As you can see from the video the vibrations are powerful, which made me nervous for holding and maneuvering during use. But that wasn't a problem.Material is soft and nearly feels like flesh (not really a tongue) and feels good against the skin. It had no foul smell and cleaning was easy. I only got to the second vibration mode before I reached a very intense climax. Looking forward to trying it again tonight.If this toy lasts then it could be a new fave.
  • An****ie
    This by far is theeee best toy that I have ever experienced! I thought I went to heaven and came back..I seen stars Jupiter and Mars 🤣🤣
  • Br****lf
    Powerful enough to rock her world, battery long lasting enough to do so repeatedly!Damn good thing it cant mow the lawn or she would have no reason to keep me around!! To say that she loves it would be an understatement! Only improvement would be if they could make it 100% waterproof...but then again if it were she would never get out of the bath!
  • As****ey
    I love using it in the shower, best nut I then had in months 🤷🏾‍♀️
  • Ch****aT
    This toy feels realistic and expensive despite having a very affordable price tag! The battery lasts more than enough time to use solo or with a partner. There are multiple speeds, vibration settings, and settings that led me to believe it has a mode for anyone to enjoy. I don't use this toy every day but when I do, I don't regret it!
  • K****K
    I love this. It’s so soft and squishy and feels great.
  • K****n
    This was an amazing product. It definitely gets the job done and is made with higher quality materials. I would recommend everyone having one.
  • Sa****hi
    This was a gift for my significant other and definitely can say they were satisfied!The mechanical vibration is more of movement than vibration so it was different than what I was used to but it was a lot of fun!I would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to try something new!
  • Ki****er
    This is the best most costs affordable toy I have ever gotten and I have bought expensive ones before. Well worth the money!!!
  • Do****II
    Doesn’t get tired at all… the action that you need for as long as you want… easy to clean, and the battery is long lasting…. 5 stars
  • N****e
    Really fun, a must have, great with yourself, once other, but with two, other than yourself it's unlimited!!!
  • Na****th
    best toy ever !
  • J****f
    world class performance .the tongue is off the chain for real.
  • S****.
    Very nice, soft. It is bigger than expected but I was very excited to try it and it did not disappoint. Easy to clean, fun, flexible, great toy!