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Reviews (9)
  • M****y
    Just got this, can not wait to try this out! everything seems just like in the advertising. no missing parts no damage; instruction is in Japanese thought but that not a problem.
  • Ch****rd
    I’ve tried sleeves, electric suction tools, and flashlights but this is a clear winner! The mix of movement and vibration really gets the job done well and makes this nearly hands free or at least one handed—perfect simulation. I love the ability to choose variable and constant speed, changing them up occasionally can really get me over the edge or keep me going when I want to. Unlike the flashlight, this is something that actually seemed like it was worth the money!
  • J****n
    Feels nice and tight. It is a little on the thick side making it hard to conceal but that is to be expected being it houses a motor. The motor noise is a little between a whisper and a talk (a little closer to the talk side). Another way to describe it would be those robot toys that walk. It sounds almost exactly like the motor that moves their legs.
  • A****u
    First time toy user, works very well, had a fun time, charger snaps on which is very cool. Easy to clean and comes with a prop for fixing the sleeve.
  • H****n
    The design and shape of the masturbator makes it very easy to use. The soft material is great and feels like the real thing and ideal for when you are not getting any. This stroker is the most realistic toy I've used. Three balls make it feel tight and you don’t want to stop it.Being able to vary the strong thrusting speeds and rotations suction makes for some amazing sessions whichever way you like it!
  • Sa****er
    My work travels a lot, sometimes one or two month. This is what I need to buy for my husband : ). Of course it is not the same as real but the most closest as my husband said. After he got this, he discard the former one. I am glad that he like it. I feel more comfortable when I travel.
  • Ja****ck
    Smaller and quieter than I initially thought it would be. The vibrator egg is amazing, and the patterns feel nice.However, if your have more girth than the average man, you’ll find that the beads do not expand as much as you’d hope they would. Also, the charging chord is tiny and connects via magnets. If the charger is not connected properly, it can spark.Other than those two things, it’s a good product for the price.
  • I****t
    Pleasure for days! This thing works like a charm! Strong thrust will land u into next galaxy. Switching into different modes is just like choosing between what type of girl your having sex with. Increasing intensity will help u decide u want a quicky or going for the long haul. Overall good companion!
  • Jo****as
    So I just got done with it lol...6 inch here... And I'm not going to complain I'm not going to compare it to the real theme cuz it's a toy. But it did its jobBut I think it did better then a $200 toy I bought last time. So that should tell you something. Very easy to clean and like how it recharges.