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Reviews (10)
  • H****l
    I Can’t post the videos i made w this but this was a life changing toy i never used to like penis rings but this one took first place it makes me leave a big mess every time i use it.
  • M****n
    The vibration is a lot stronger than I had thought it would be. And he absolutely loves this thing. He has been dealing with problems staying hard. Sometimes he was good and other he just lost it and it took a while to get him back up. I'm not a doctor or export on ED. But in my opinion this has helped him and our sex life. He's able to get hard faster and stays that way 9/10 times .being able to control it myself with the remote is fun and works well. Super easy to clean. And really soft smoth texture. The duvet on the one side helps to contour to the shaft vary nicely and makes it that much more comfortable and enjoyable for him. Really worth it in my opinion. The vary first Time it was a little uncomfortable for me but I believe it was our positioning. Because every time since I'm been going crazy for it. And asking him to use because it feels amazing!
  • J****t
    Incredibly soft, velvety even. So many different vibrations and sensations for this cockring, I couldn't believe it. I coupled it with my favorite dildo and had explosion after mind- bending explosion! Please, take my advice and try this vibrating penis ring. You and your partner will not regret it! Just got it. (Wearing it, he will last longer too.)
  • G****s
    This product turned something amazing into something indescribable. This one is awesome because it's two rings in one. I had one around the coin-purse and the other obviously around the main event while the vibrator portion was stimulating my partner. She tried her hardest but couldn't contain herself and she had a pretty large climax. Overall, this has been the best product that we can both enjoy at the same time. This one is a game changer, I want to stock up on a few more, just in case.
  • *****J
    Easy to clean and use. Feels amazing not a bad thing to say. I would recommend this to everyone
  • N****a
    Vibration can't attract you anymore? Then 10 vibrating modes of this product will never bore you, every mode will give you a different intensity of pleasure. The vibrating of its whole body will stimulate all your sensitive points. After using it for a while, your dick will be stronger. Maybe it's not enough just stimulating your anus and penis, you need to research a new sensitive place. Congratulations!!! You will have fresh experience when you own this product. The Double-deck cock ring locks your penis and testicle, and the prolonged end-tip will stimulate the place of the perineum and anus and the particles of it give you the feeling of trembling. Another reason you can't refuse it is that it can delay ejaculation and sex time. It will bring your partner and yourself a more thrilling adventure. Your partner must be proud of your long-time erection.If you are worried about your dick is too big to wear this cock ring. Then it will prove it's so soft and elastic that can stretch to suit your size. And it will add some pressure to your penis and ball. That feeling must be great!
  • M****s
    The silicon is very good quality and the ribbed texture on the vibrator was great, it's best for a griding motion as the ribbing and vibrations can work together. It's comfortable to wear and I didn't have any discomfort even after 45 mins. The double ring helps keep it in place for grinding. The remote work great and I didn't have any connectivity problems with it. Cleans easily as it is waterproof so a quick rinse and soapy scrub was all it needed. Love the box it came in, classy and descrete. Works well as a bullet sized vibrator as well.
  • G****o
    I got this last year and its been great! It's hard for my girl to orgasm, out of the 7 guys she's been with, I'm one of two that have been able to, and it had been 4 years since a guy had last made her cum.

    This vibrating ring makes it a lot easier to make her climax with me inside her, especially because if I want to postpone ejaculating I can pause inside her and the vibrator keeps stimulating her.
  • o****e
    Really comfortable and super powerful. Caught me off guard. But its def fun to use. 10/10
  • T****n
    This was a fun addition to our sex life. My gf like most women can only orgasm from clitoral stimulation. This product provided that stimulation while having sex. The vibrations are perfect and worked wonderfully and made for some very fun bedroom times. Works great as a stand alone vibrator also without being on the penis, so a two for one. Easy to charge and the remote is nice. The actual product on your dick is a little big at first but you quickly get used to it. We had the best experience using this in the missionary position. Doggy didn't work as well.