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Reviews (12)
  • A****t
    Super Comfortable, easy to remove (no pain!)
  • Li****pp
    This is snug but not too tight. Was fun watching him figure out how to get both loops on but he did it pretty quickly and it enhances the experience for both of us.
  • D.****li
    This is made from a very nice, soft silicone. Upon first opening the package, and finding the item nicely packed inside a sealed, clean, air tight bag, I was pleased. Opening the sealed bag and finding absolutely no odor, I was even more pleased. The silicone is very soft, and the best part: The design prevents pinching! It is the most comfortable toy of its type that we've tried. Other, two or three piece rings always seem to pinch somewhere. Not this one. It also has quite a lot of stretch to it, making it very easy to put on and take off, while still holding a good amount of elasticity while wearing and using it to serve its purpose very well.Overall, very pleased.Obviously the ring doesn't come with a plug, I just needed something to hold it for the photo :)
  • G****N
    I typically don't care for cock rings, but this one is just the right amount of tightness and doesn't hurt like many I've tried in the past. Also, I like the three different ways you can use this. It is best if you shave before hand, or expect your hair to get pulled.
  • Mi****sa
    Great product, easy to clean, easy to use, I love it!I expect more people of the same interest to use it!
  • S****a
    We love this product! It came in discreet packaging, arrived quickly, & was so much fun to use! Definitely recommend for couples looking to try something new!
  • C****d
    Nice stretchy easy to use material. Me and my husband both love using this toy. Such an inexpensive toy but gives us both so much pleasure. Really makes him harder and bigger it’s very easy for him to put on and take off. Definitely something to get if you wanna try something new and exciting in the bedroom!
  • A****y
    My partner and I loved this. It’s simple but it’s just great. It enhances the experience, it’s not something we’ve ever used before but it was easy to use, easy to clean, and just a nice little add on.
  • Z****k
    Easy to wear and works like a charm
  • J****C
    This ring is one of the best ones that I have ever used. I already had a favorite so I was a little skeptical that I would love this but the design made me give it a try. Let’s just say that this is by far my new favorite. 5 stars all over including superior quality, comfort, and function.
  • M****P
    This is more flexible than others I have tried. This makes placing one of the rings around your scrotum to the other side of your shaft easier.Easy to put on. My guess would fit almost anybody.It is smooth. No snagging or edge to irritate me and made cleaning seem more sanitary.I would say this is a quality beginner ring. The comfort and flexibility makes experimenting safer, simple and more enjoyable.
  • Ju****ck
    So, using this with my partner was exciting, the lower loop for bondage of the testicles,We’ve just been using it as a ring and he loooooves it!! He’s harder than ever and the simulation is amazing!! The silicone is so smooth, the only suggestion I have is with the flexibility of the lower loop for the comfort of their testicles!