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Reviews (9)
  • Ch****or
    This jacker was alot of fun to just sit and feel good with little effort!
  • s****a
    I seriously love this thing, does all the work for you, easy to clean
  • P****k
    So first things first, my biggest concern when looking at this was thinking it was going to be a pain to clean. Getting the masturbator out, cleaning it, then somehow managing to force it back in is gonna be like repacking a tent i thought. But no, it pops out and back in so easily i wasn't even worried about removing it just for a picture lol.The suction cup works great, has a real good hold as you can see from the last picture and once you get it in the right position and find the right speed it's just amazing. Only downside is finding that position lol. Since the head moves but the case doesn't you can't be too close but if you're too far it'll slip off, but that's nothing a few minutes of trial and error with placement won't solve and after that I'd recommend marking the spot under the desk with a pen or marker so it's never a concern again. 5 stars, very much enjoyed.
  • Mi****ve
    I really love that this has a suction base for hands free and it’s got great action. I have quite a collection of this purpose of toys and this is definitely one of the tops on my list.
  • B****Q
    This is a fantastic toy. The motion up and down feels great. It has different speeds and rhythms to choose from. I definitely recommend using the suction cup that comes with it. It makes for some great hands free fun. It’s very easy to clean. It’s held up to many uses so far. Definitely recommend!
  • N****c
    What a great toy. My bf and I love it so much. It had a surprising amount of power and the suction on the sleeve feels wonderful for slimmer guys as well as much thicker endowed men. Like that is has multiple speeds to bring yourself closer to the edge and then pull back to last longer. The suction cup attachment works on almost any surface but really excels in the shower! Charges quick and is very user friendly. 10/10 would highly recommend!
  • N****P
    It’s nice and durable. It comes with multiple speeds. You can also stick it to the wall which I thought was convenient and different.
  • J****.
    This toy is so much fun and feels amazing, its better than more expensive options from big brand toy sellers.I would definitely recommend buying one, or two.
  • Mi****rg
    Simple, elegant packaging. Stylish look and color scheme. Truly life-like skin feel. Amazing thrusting and vibration modes. Suction base makes playing anywhere possible! The moaning effect is over the top. Simple instructions and very easy to clean and maintain! Will be enjoying and showing off this toy for quite a while!!!