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Reviews (21)
  • a****j
    Fast delivery. I recommend this seller
  • p****w
    This toy is amazing! I was shocked to discover how soft it is and its strength is amazing. I also like that it has a magnetic charger. I am very new to anal games and I think this is a perfect way to relax myself more. This is very interesting for soloists and fiances. I have recommended the toy to a few friends and plan to buy more products from the company.

    Tongues Remote Control 9 Modes Wearable Clit Vibrators
  • AR****OM
    I got this cute little vibe after seeing it highly recommended on my naughty fb groups. This vibe is great for couples you can wear it and give the remote to your partner, and let them enjoy watching you squirm. Definitely recommend.
  • J****J
    My wife and I both are enjoying this toy very much. We haven't tried it outside the house yet, but will soon.
  • j****n
    Remote Control vibrating panties . Well where do I start. Come in a delightful case, charge really quickly and are very nice looking. The sleekness and size are very misleading. Certainly packs a punch. The vibration settings although a little noisy ( especially in Tesco ), certainly hits the spot for my partner. I love the cheeky aspect of the remote control. To turn off and on whenever is great fun
  • St****se
    OMG! Bought my first sex toy and LOVE it! Intense orgasms and multpile orgasms! Highly recommend. The tongue action is so amazing!
  • Mi****rt
    This butterfly vibrator was something I wasn't certain I would like. My roommate has one and she swore it was fun to wear out. I decided to try it myself and it was pretty fun. I went to a party and let it do its thing around music, conversations (has to be loud...otherwise you can hear it).No worries about the vibe moving Happy to have ordered a USB rechargeable vibrator.
  • M****n
    These were a lot of fun. My wife said it felt good but didn't think she'd be able to climax while wearing them. They did a great job of turning her on and getting her ready for her XL dildo. As a surprise she pulled the vibrator out of her panties and stroked me with it in one hand while cycling through the functions on the remote. That felt amazing.
  • s****n
    Whether using this alone or with a partner, Tracy's dog new panty vibrator is sure to please. Really high quality, ultra soft silicone material and very quiet vibrational modes. Super unique design and shape! It is as powerful as other vibrators. Love the unique shape and design- each side is alittle different! The g spot dildo part and the butterfly part easily give you dual sex arosal .which make you Anytime, anywhere with this unique wearable vibrator that stimulates you in and out.Absolutely a very pleased with this purchase!
  • L****e
    Wow, I didn't even think I would like it bcuz I've tried vibrators in the past and the vibration just did nothing for me. THIS however is on another level. It is my first butterfly vibe and maybe that's why. I would have liked the large head to do a come hither motion, but mission accomplished either way!! No batteries was a plus!
  • Ev****ga
    I found that the vibrator can easily be put in a different pair of my own panties and works just fine that way. I love that it's rechargeable and made of quality material. Good variety of settings. Feels great. I also love that the vibe itself is shaped to fit your body !
  • T****a
    This is one of the best purchases my partner and I have made. Don't be afraid to fiddle around with where it sits and you'll know when it's in the right place! The vibrations are so powerful that we only need the first two settings! This is extremely good for foreplay with one person having the controls. This is a really unique product as the straps hold the toy in place leaving hands free for everything else. If you're thinking of adding to your collection or this is a first buy then this toy is one of the best out there!
  • Mi****ey
    This is the best!! Have tried others in the past, but the surpasses them all! Intense vibration!!! Can be used as foreplay with partner, if you feel brave enough then allow partner to hold on to remote and wait for the unexpected, or hang on to remote yourself. What makes this really nice is that it is not loud at all
  • Sa****on
    My girlfriend loves the discreet vibrator, it's very strong and I love the remote. Honestly she never used the panties, just put it right in between us while I was inside of her, very strong vibes for both of us. I constantly catch her using it solo, she would highly recommend this product.
  • Cr****la
    I got this a couple weeks ago and I must say that it really is amazing. I love the fact that it is usb rechargeable. No more having to buy batteries!! It is really smooth to the touch, a nice size, pretty lightweight, and water proof. It has many different functions and speeds to get you where you want to be. Hits all the right spots and very easy to use. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to spice things up in the bedroom or have a little fun with themselves.
  • Ja****a😘
    I wish was a little bit bigger, but the vibrations works that out & also like how is a remote and csn reach past 5 meters for your partner to see you squirm from a distance 😍
  • T****a
    Almost unreal. It keeps hitting without mercy, all over my sensitive spots and I love it!!! Soft silicone and fantastic design make it look like a handsome lover. The shape is perfect for my body. I cannot even write here what I would like, I would be reprimanded. It is that good, it creates so much... know what. Amazing!
  • Jo****as
    This latest addition to my toy collection is already one of my favourite. Amazing design is something that cannot be overlooked. The toy is like a lover that does his best to please me. But this is even better because I can control the toy. Very flexible and waterproof. Lovely.
  • V****e
    These are finely made and the vibrator is excellent. It is fun to get her worked up several times during the day so when we have time to ourselves at night we are both ready to go.
  • Li****ng
    My boyfriend and I love these panties. It’s so much fun to wear them when we are out and about and he has the remote