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  • C****s
    This is by far my new favorite toy! The silicone is high quality and feels amazing. The directions are very simple and cleaning is easy. As for the feel, it's amazing. As the instructions use plenty of water-based lube for the best feeling. The vibrating and suction of this toy makes this like the flashlight on steroids. Great snug fit and plenty of depth.
  • P****a
    This is a man's new girlfriend!I bought this for my boyfriend only for foreplay. I am hiding it so he won't use it on a daily 😂😂. Let's just say he enjoyed this toy more than.... nevermind. I'm kidding. However he did enjoy the pleasure the toy brings. ☺️
  • j****f
    Product came packaged very nicely, with easy instructions, a charging cable, a cleaning rod, and a replace the gasket. Works and feels great. Would be nice to have a little better suction or more suction settings, but has enough to get the job done. I highly recommend this product, especially for the price. Only downfall is that the suction function is a little louder than I would like.
  • K****o
    I dont know where to start. Thr moment this sex toy came in, I immediately opened it and used it... I mean it felt like the real deal... feels real once you put lube inside and thr machine sucks away... amazing. This is one of my favor sex toys I've ordered.
  • Am****dt
    Everything I have bought from this company has been amazing 🤩 I would highly recommend this toy my husband absolutely loved it 😍 happy Fathers Day hubby 😉 I will say you need to be erect to get it In the toy but the suction and vibration had him climaxing quickly great couples toy
  • ke****tz
    This thing is incredible. When I first opened it I didn't know what to expect. until i used it.3 vibrating options that get more powerful in each mode. and then something this thing that is better over a flesh light because it has a automating suction feature that you don't even have to do anything and let it do all the work ;)I'm giving it a 4 stars because i wish the automatic suction went a little faster cause at times it feels like its doing nothing. but i HIGHLY recommend this product.
  • Ch****ut
    Pros: lots of sensation and the suction part is especially stimulating.Cons: none really, but it is bulky and heavy. The suction could be stronger.Overall, a good buy
  • Z****P
    Very easy to hold and to connect to ones self. Vibration and suction on many different levels. Nice ribbed material. Long battery life.
  • R****s
    This one easily goes to the top of my collection of Masturbators. Easy to use, hands free.It's a pleasure to watch it moving up and down the shaft. Great suction, it's very powerful and gives an amazing feel.Pros:DiscreteSilentPowerful suctionReal feel materialCons:Heavy
  • T****y
    The sucking action is quite exhilarating in the vibration mode Sarver stimulating
  • B****y
    My boyfriend loves it. It is a bit small for him but overall it isn’t bad
  • R****o
    Off the bat you know this product is quality. It has pretty good weight to it and it comes with a charger, a tool to clean the silicone piece with, a spare seal and instructions. The suction and vibration on this toy is strong and i climaxed quick! Highly recommend this toy!
  • El****oz
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     I never thought that the technology of this product would be so nice, the truth is, I bought it simply to experience the sensation of masturbating with a toy, but it has been phenomenal, the material is soft and the closest thing to a vagina, and it has some indescribable suction and vibration modalities, you just have to experience it, 5 stars.
  • W****.
    Got it yesterday and was really surprised at the quality of materials, ease of use, their description is tame compared to how it actually is. From beginner to pro. You will not be disappointed. Highly Recommended!!
  • Am****er
    Got it for my Husband and 10 out of 10 highly recommend. Perfect size and discreet. Vibration is super quiet. It did everything it said it would. Easy cleaning and fast charge up. I would highly recommend to anyone. Pleasure on another level
  • An****us
    It was kind of weird at first, BUTTTT once you get going it’s going! I used it on my bf and it was a good time