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Reviews (13)
  • L****r
    Best toy I have spent my money use hands free or with. But feels great.
  • J****e
    This product is awesome for the price very well built my honest opinion is if you a grower an not shower lol got some girth down their it’s a little bit difficult unless you lube it up extensively I’d rate it 9/10 maybe changing the sleeve out could help that but I haven’t looked that far into it yet, it is worth the money your gonna spend get it you won’t regret it plus it comes with some accessories well worth it! #FACTS
  • M****a
    Easy to use and works great, highly recommend this for yourself or as a gift
  • J****k
    I think this automatic male masturbator cup worth a buy. Highly recommend. The device is amazing. The different frequencies and modes gives you many options to choose from and will leave you with a positive experience. The motor is not weak at all. The battery has a long life for fun. It’s so soft and real feeling I was shocked. After using it the first time the sensation was great and made me cum quickly. Lube is definitely needed! It’s very easy to use and easy to clean.Very discreet packaging too. I have used a few adult toys and this one without a doubt was one of the best toys I have ever received.
  • K****k
    This is my first self thrusting fleshlight and I couldn’t be more satisfied. If you have a particularly sensitive glans you’re gonna love this. The settings it has are amazing and had me ready to blow after a few minutes. It gave me multiple dry orgasms before I had my final one which caused the actual money shot. It wasn’t some random one either, it was full body. Definitely would recommend to anyone, especially if you’re uncut or have a very sensitive glans.
  • K****e
    This is so worth the money!! It arrived quick, charged quick, and was really easy to use. One thing I noticed immediately was how sturdy it felt and how well everything I was put together. Even the bag to store it in feels pretty luxurious.When I tried it out, I was blown away (pun intended)… this thing is incredibly efficient and feels incredible. The suction is amazing and the thrusting speeds were perfect. Needless to say, it gets the job done! I would 100% recommend this product!
  • M****e
    This works pretty well
  • R****y
    Such a sleek design. The packaging was beautiful and the glossy look of the product with elegant light . I cannot say enough great things about this product. Really feels like I should have paid alot more than I did for this product. The soft insert feels great and is easily turned inside out for cleaning. Definitely a product you need for your collection.
  • C****R
    Experience an unbelievable dual stroking and swirling action! At the end of the day, when work is done and I just need to relax, the best way to do it is to sit back and beat off. This splashproof and rechargeable toy has multiple modes and speeds so that you can find the rhythm that gets you off. Clean it up with soap and warm water when you're done to make sure this machine lasts. For this being my first motorized stroker I do believe I made an excellent choice.
  • M****G
    Initially, I was skeptical about what sort of sensation I would get from this product but I can definitely say after using it that it rocks! Can't recommend it enough!
  • B****s
    Great product for the money, good value. Stronger than I thought it would be! A little tight if you happen to be well endowed, so use lots of water based lube for best results.
  • S****t
    What an amazing feeling. This is the best I have ever used. Close your eyes and it’s the real thing. So soft and warm the multiple speeds and the sounds were great. WOW I’d buy two if I had to. Incredible experience.
  • Ni****na
    I cannot get enough of this product!BETTER THAN SEX... when it's not easily available!I have so much fun with my new toy!I literally cannot put it down, especially when I need to get off! It feels like the real thing and I hardly have to do any work!Jut make sure this baby is fully charged!I LOVE LOVE LOVE!