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Reviews (18)
  • A****n
    Feels great
    I recommend this toy!This is great it has 10 different functions.It has a soft jel like material which also makes it easy to clean.Get you one
  • T****T
    Have tried others but this one is the best.
  • L****i
    The shipping was on time .And the product is fantastic.I asure you this thing works. Everything fits the way its supposed to, deffinitly getting my moneys worth!
  • Da****on
    Have someone or something hold it for you.
  • Ad****ve
    Variety of operation modes strong vibrations from the bullet that's slipped into the sleeveEasy to clean just be careful of the wire that leads to the bullet that can easily be slipped out of it's pocket for a complete cleaningI really like the cap that comes with the product, kind of looks like a tumbler water bottleHighly recommendedTexture on the inside adds to it's enjoyment
  • M****z
    Feels really squishy, he says it feels really good! Has a lot of different options each for vibrating, sucking, and there’s even a “finishing” button which is interesting
  • Sh****ld
    I liked the suction power it's perfect but I hate having to use lube though it's a pain the ass. But it is easy to clean but I like all the modes it really does feel like the real thing I do recommend it.
  • Wh****r?
    Was on the fence about this thing until I figured out that this is more of a hands free device. Use plenty of water based and let it do its thing, you will be very surprised at the outcome. Made well, not a cheap device. Comes with a magnetic type USB charger, you'll need your own block to plug it unto but everyone had these laying around these days. It's not the quietest thing so you may want to make sure your roommate is out. Wish it had some more settings as far as speeds and patterns but there's just enough to find your groove.
  • A****n
    The thing that caught my eye about this product was the price so I decided to give it a try. I don't know how this toy is compared to the others in this price range but this one is worth the money.Pros:Build quality exceeded my expectations. Sleek look and feels like a sturdy product.The material of the sleeve itself seems to be a little more dense than other products but still has a really soft jelly feel. This is a plus because I've had toys tear on me in the past.Cons: The size. I'm sitting around 6.5 inches in length and average girth for that size. Initially the fit is pretty tight but that's for the suction feature. The insertable length is around 4.5 inches but when it comes to a more natural oral experience, that's all you need.The vibration and suction features were not as strong as expected. I found one suction setting I like and one vibration setting and those were the only that really gave me any pleasure.Final verdict:For the price, this toy is great. It didn't blow my mind but that may be different for someone with less experience in the bedroom. If you're looking for a toy to suck the life out of you, this is not for you. In reality this toy is good for some some edging. The tempo isn't enough to get me off in less than a few minutes but I really enjoy it for a long and slow session.If there was a bigger version, about 6.5-7 inches insertable length, with a little more horsepower (suction and vibration strength) then I would no doubt buy that product. Heck! I'd be willing to pay an extra $20 for a product like that. All-in-all, I'm sure other toys have the features I prefer but for the price this toy is worth it.
  • j****o
    The sucking feature is very cool. Just wish that this product was bigger, stronger and faster. That would make it so much better.
  • Mr****pi
    It feels great, the suction is really nice!! It's tight and very pleasant! I'd love to see a larger model release!
  • Ri****lm
    For the price, this is the one to get if you're just looking for one toy to do it all. The intensity of the vibrator is very good, especially compared to other products that were exclusively meant to focus on vibration. The automatic suction is strong as well, sometimes a bit too strong for my taste, but not bad. The heating feature is a nice touch, but I personally recommend using it to warm up before use and turning it off during playtime. but it seems superfluous at that point and a drain on the battery life for low return. It comes with a fairly no frills bump-based sleave that is pleasant, but not as tactily pleasing as other textures I've tried.
  • D****J
    Wow what an awesome toy. Powerful vibrations that rock your world. A hardcore sucking action to make you never want to stop. Also has magnetic charging cable(Awesome) easy to clean as well.
  • Q****n
    The design is sleek, motors are whisper quiet. This is an interesting and fun toy. The various throbbing and pulsing settings made this an awesome toy to try and share 😏. Only delta, the removable sleeve is hard to reinsert after removing for cleaning. Be careful these is a vibrating bullet that you need to watch out for that slides out of the sleeve. I would recommend plenty of lube! Overall an awesome toy to have in the arsenal!
  • Ja****eV
    My partner loved using this! It has many speeds and it’s easy to clean. SO soft. Surprisingly big too, get this its not complicated at all and very easy to store
  • Ni****hs
    This product is great, but be weary as it’s not necessarily meant for the well endowed. I sadly can’t fit the whole thing in, but what does fit, definitely felt a whole lot of pleasure.
  • d****n
    Wow, just wow. Have never had something like this before and it’s a joy and pleasure to use!
  • K****.
    This masturbator cup is an interesting toy. The delivery was really discrete. I like the green color and the flashiness of it. It charges pretty quickly and the orgasm button flashes when it's charging. The toy itself feels really but don't forget to use a copious amounts of lube for a more pleasurable experience, it tightens when you're using it. The different mode offer different experiences from regular to very intense, and the succion mimic a slow realistic blowjob. Cleaning is very easy by water and soap.