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12.59'' Supine Pussy Ass Realistic Buttock
US$ 116.99 >US$ 129.99
Reviews (15)
  • A****.
    Very good
  • M****o
    Bought for a friend and he loves it!! Will be buying more!
  • K****4
    Very soft and realistic love the weight of it and the size
  • C.****hn
    Interesting product, very close to the real thing. I looked at a lot of the competitors, but kept coming back to this one. The added drying stick is a nice touch to help with cleaning. This was my first experience with type of male masturbator. It far surpasses all the other types, being the closest to the real things I have experienced. It looks and feels real. This was comparable to all the others but way cheaper. No brainer to make this purchase.
  • P****o
    This product is exactly what you need. It's the perfect mix of soft and firm to make you feel great when you use it. Each entrance gives you a distinct experience. Cleaning isn't a worry. With soap, water, and the provided absorbent stick, cleaning is simple and easy. If you want a doll, but don't want to spend potentially 100s of dollars on some more expensive products, this is the doll for you. Shipping is discreet, coming in a basic unmarked box. Works well for multiple uses. It also sits well on its own.
  • Ch****an
    The best thing about this product is the price as you’re essentially getting two toys in one, the size is a bit off putting but having options is amazing, both holes feel really good & the toy has weight to it, which in my opinion, makes it hotter.
  • A****c
    This thing is perfect I have tons of fun with it it feels very real has good weight to it and it was shipped fast no complaints
  • Ma****ch
    Buy it
  • Re****er
    This product is very soft and well made. Its feels amazing and should holdup to many sessions. It was very easy to clean with soap and water. Arrived in black discrete box. Hellofuntoys was amazing compaired to others and it does have a good bit of weight to it. Recommend product.
  • N****a
    This was a surprisingly well made toy. It pretty enjoyable, despite a depth limit for the well endowed. But overall a way better experience than using a Fleshlight or hand lol.
  • S****g
    When first order it (her) I didn’t expect it looks so real and when got hands on them it feels like real too ,
    The best part is when I put my penis in it feels sooo real in fact it’s better than real pussy! Love it😍😝
    Service:hope you have fun
  • J****.
    Good product. Texture is super soft and feels real. My only problem was the position it's in but for the price you can't really complain!
  • Br****rn
    This product came in a black discrete box. It has some weight to it, but easy to manipulate. The silicone material is pliable and easy to maneuver. There is a different sensation to the front and back holes as you penetrate, so you can appreciate that aspect. Easier to clean with soap and water than I thought it would be. It is inexpensive relative to similar products on the market. If you're looking for a doll-like product, but don't want to go all out, then this is an excellent choice. Will get you there every time!
  • M****M
    Easy to clean feels great and the material feels almost like the real thing.
  • T****y
    The product is great and I really like , it could be a little longer to accommodate longer member but you would not regret it trust me