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Reviews (14)
  • Ri****jr
    Damn the suction is powerful
  • Be****az
    Very easy to use, instant results.
  • St****ry
    Make my pee pee happy
  • A****y
    Good suction. Easy to use.
  • J****f
    I’m absolutely amazed by the power this pump has, Its super effective this pump is and I can see the difference only after a few uses. The quality of this pump is very nice and it feels well built. There are 4 suction intensities and You can control it to increase or decrease the suction intensity. I like how this electric vacuum pump is really straightforward and easy to use. I love using this electric vacuum pump and I continue to use it once in a while to increase results. I fell this to be well worth the money. I recommend this product to anyone looking for electric vacuum pump to use.
  • Su****er
    Wow. Super suction. Great product for the price. Works perfectly. Used 5 times now and battery is still full.update October 13th 2021...I think this thing is possessed...used over 40 times now and battery is still full ,!!!!!!!
  • Am****er
    Best device ever.
  • S****n
    This is the one aid that I have bought that appears to work as well as it says it will. Very easy to use and clean so that is a plus. I don't know if it will help me with my problem but I will keep using it because it appears to be helping.
  • Y****a
    Before buying this I was a little sceptical because ReviewMeta/Fakespot weren't quite happy with the legitimacy of some of the reviews. But since some of the more in-depth reviews on the pump seemed plausible, I went for it and I am very glad I did.Background:I've never owned an automated pump before and frankly was surprised that this pump didn't come at a higher price.I have owned a manual pump before but never really liked the sensation and seemed to overdo it, despite there being a gauge on the pump.Review:The beauty of this pump is that it keeps you in a suction range. There are four levels to choose from and they equate to a range in mbar (33 millibar ~ 1 inHg).It pumps until you reach the upper limit of the selected level and then will very slowly release the suction until you reach the lower threshold of the range. At that time the pump will jump back into action and bring you back to the upper limit and so on. In my experience these cycles takes about 6 minutes.I find this genius at it seems much gentler on the penis and I find the I don’t have pay attention to exact suction is currently applied.Level 1 is basically Standby. No actual pumping will happenLevel 2 is good for me as a beginner. The range is 125-200mbar (approx. 3.7-5.9 inHg)I have not tried Level 3 or 4 since Level 2 feels plenty at the moment.The first time I used the pump and set it to Level 2 the pump kicked in I was a little worried that it wouldn’t stop in time. But it stopped before any discomfort happened. When it reaches the maximum it in fact drops a bit of suction right after, adding to the comfort.As a bonus the screen also shows a timer so it’s easy to keep track of how long your session has been. This makes it easier to safely & gradually increase the duration over time.The pump actually detaches from the main cylinder which makes cleaning a breeze.
  • K****M
    I have been using for a couple of weeks. I use it for less than 10 min per use.I am not sure if the size has changed or not, but after using it, my wife loved it
  • Ro****is
    Great items work great thank you
  • T****o
    Très bien facile d’entretien chiffres un peut petit à lire
  • T****e
    Improve your relation
  • M****c
    Impressive suction, was easy to use, it retain the suction well with the the silicone lid it came with.