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Pea Cannon Automatic Suction Stroker
US$ 73.99
Reviews (20)
  • M****y
    I got it for my partner. It was bigger then I expected.. Like geez but he loved this thing. I think he gonna leave me for the toy now lol
  • E****e
    Different and unique it is a fresh take on a male sex toy and provides stimulation in most ways other companies wouldn’t care about really out of the box idea!
  • j****y
    This is a great toy. Just opening the box you see how much more friendly it is in regards to size. Most similar toys of this nature are oversized and plain bulky. It has a nice smooth texture to the outside which makes it comfortable to hold. Clean up is easy, you just pull the sleeve right out, plus it is easy to put back in. The vibrations are strong and offers various patterns to satisfy one's liking. Added, you get the suction and I was surprised at how great the suction truly was. It's like it didn't want to let go lol. The suction also comes with different modes. This toy is made for complete satisfaction. When you're ready for a max climax or a boost there's a button for that too. This incorporates all features together at the highest capacity for the orgasm you never thought you'd have. I highly recommend this toy, if you don't have one you're missing out!
  • Co****er
    I love this product. i don't use strokers that often for myself and i will use this one again. The suction its self is super powerful and pulls the toy onto whatever is in the tunnel. My favorite is the climax button i love vibrations so this was my favorite thing. Cleaning was a breeze with the removable sleeve and bullet. Using my go to toy cleaner and a microfiber towel, my toy was clean and packed away in its very nice packaging and put with the other toys about 5 minutes after use.
  • c****e
    Amazing suction power!! Super easy to clean! Feels great! Almost as good as the real thing!!
  • mi****th
    This was a pleasant surprise. I think I enjoyed the feel of this more than anything. I know it's silicone like many toys, but, however this was processed feels so much better than any silicone based toy I've used. I also enjoy the tighter feel of the insert. It gives just the right amount of give and pressure. I took my time just enjoying that before checking out the vibration and sucking functions. Really take your time with this one. When you feel yourself entering that zone of no return, start cycling through the modes and enjoy the ride. I love my dog, but, this should be named man's new best friend. The way this unit vibrated, massaged and twisted and sucked on my magic wand curled my toes. I didn't even need to provide dinner and a movie.
  • Ka****es
    It’s a tight fit if you’re well endowed but its a great toy none the less. Make sure you have the proper lube so you can really enjoy it!
  • Za****an
    Came exactly as described! Definitely recommend!
  • E****2
    This toy is soooooooo amazing.! The Suction is on point. It’s most definitely delivers, I thought it would be like all my other toys but No this is the best one yet. Also it’s easy to clean.
  • He****ro
    This toy is amazing! The suction power and the different vibrations mode is great for the meaning or purpose of it. It also comes in a very discret package, very easy to clean, handy shaped and the climas button for when your ready....I've purchased some similar products in the past and this one is by far the best one I've had...
  • Be****tt
    Pretty enjoyable experience, make sure you order lube as well
  • Le****nt
    This was a great purchase! Gave great pleasure, clean up was a breeze. I'd encourage every man to try it for them lonely nights!!!
  • J****.
    Soft, great toy. Easy to clean.
  • Ch****te
    This was a first for me with the toy it's an excellent experience
  • B****n
    It feels great and it's easy to clean! I really like the product and I'd like to test more!
  • L****r
    Received when said. Package were no one will know Works great.
  • R****y
    This is a great product, I have been enjoying it every day since I received it. Just buy it and have fun.
  • P****t
    To sum up this toy i enjoyed it it was fun to try it out the different suctions on the product works great the the vibrant on it is great if you guys want a toy to have and feel great must have
  • m****x
    Used this the first night I got it, and let me tell you worked perfect little to no noise and easy to clean.
  • J****a
    Perfect and easy!