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Reviews (5)
  • A****w
    This product is quite simply amazing. Not only does this product have strong intermittent stretching to stimulate life like action, but comes with strong vibrations that can be turned on or off. I really enjoy this feature. Too many toys have a rotation feature that is always on. Being able to turn off one of the function really helped with early session enjoyment for me. When rotation was wanted, it was very easy to cycle between patterns to see what fit my fancy. The cleaning instructions are also quite clear, and easy to follow. It product exceeded my every expectation.
  • ~****~
    This was purchased for my boyfriend, but we played with it together the first time. It's powerful! Make sure you charge it the first time fully. Easy to clean, easy to take apart and put together. Shipping was fast and customer service is great. I would recommend this to friends as gifts for their partners, for sure!
  • Be****ad
    So this toy is a major step up from the others like it. How so? It's got much more room in it! You can sink the average length into it easily. 6 + will fit. In fact less than 6 and you may find yourself too short to stay in the cup at the bottom of its stroke. It's also much less grabby in the rotating cup device than most others, which is great again for those who are larger than Wedol's previous customers/models.The only complaint I have, like others, is that it's a bit tall. It measures close to 18 ! So it takes up a lot of room, and is a bit noisy. Prepare to have a blanket over it or something if you have neighbors and thin walls.
  • P****.
    Picked this particular one for the discreet look. Most other male toys would have skin color on them or have the appearance of a genitalia. Me I don't need to get turned on by looking at my toys so that's not necessary.The size fits well and the material is soft enough that's not too rough like other toys. I've had ones where the material is a bit tougher and it doesn't feel comfortable, especially after your session and it feels more sensitive. This one is comfort all in-and-out, before and after.The rotating and up down feature are the main attractions, and I gotta say, it does its job very well.Overall great toy. Would recommend.
  • Fl****ed
    The best toy ever!! Seems expensive, but compared to just a meat bag, this thing roxks!!