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Reviews (18)
  • p****p
    Genial! ICH hatte versucht andere und sie nie überzeugt mich, aber dieses ist groß. Material qualität ist gut und saug-funktion ist sehr gut implementiert. Persönliche empfehlung! Wirklich gute, So sie können lassen sie gehen ihre hände, genießen sie die freude der produkt bringt ihnen!
  • j****l
    This is a great product! What I really like about it is all the different settings you can try. I definitely recommend it 👌
  • jo****ld
    It is the one of the best toys that I have ever bought I've purchased expensive sex toys and this is by far the tightest most realistic feeling one . The orgasm that this made me have rocked my world. I like it more than my gf now because it is safe, clean, and doesn't complain!
  • S****m
    The product is very easy to use. Make sure to be careful when taking out to clean to not separate the silicone from the plastic. Love it feels like the real thing! You won’t regret it!
  • an****us
    After receiving the package I was very impressed with the packing material and attention to detail. This company spends a lot of money and time to make sure your toy gets to your home without any damage or problems. It charged very fast and is very easy to turn on. It has great suction and spins at a good speed. I was completely blown away by the feeling it gave me. it was like a rocket taking off blast off... It breaks down easy and you can wash it with soap and water in the sink. Do not wash the hole unit... It will not work after you do that. I would recommend this to anyone.
  • A****d
    Le filage est génial
  • S****n
    Feels great. Thick enough to grip but not too thick. Comes apart easily to clean it.
  • K****e
    My bf loved that it was easy to use, all he had to to was put it on, and he didnt even have to hold it!
  • Jo****ng
    So excited just received my new Hellofuntoys adult toy and love it working better than I expected.
  • Is****ns
    This toy is really really good. I love the thrusting and spinning that it does feels amazing. It has an attachable suction cup so you can attach it to a smooth surfaceand thrust with it or even just let it do its thing or even just lay down and hold it there. I do wish the motors were a bit stronger as it keept locking up on me a good bit also the moans feature it has wasn't very good in my opinion.
  • Pl****er
    As soon as product arrived, I couldn't wait to try!! I charged it and prepared myself for a good time:) The controls are easy to use. Great suction power and thickness! Amazing power for stroking:) Cleanup is so fast and easy on this item!!!! Can't wait for my next solo time with this gem! Great to use hands free in the shower or anywhere you desire to use it! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • Je****th
    Worked Great, Easy to use. what more can you ask for?
  • k****p
    amazing product, very soft, has multiple mode settings. comes complete with earphones, lubricant, charger, and wall mount. Very easy to assemble, disassemble and clean.
  • sn****ns
    The product came precharged so I could jump right into the fun, the audio option gives moans through the headphones which makes the pleasure even better.The suction cup is high quality and makes it easy to attach the fleshlight anywhere and make it stay there.Everything you use is detachable and easy to clean which makes it so you don't have to think twice about using it due to hassle of cleaning.And it even included a small bottle of lube!
  • Da****rr
    I love the way it feels but if you're thick, it will sometimes stop spinning until you pull out. The different modes are fun to explore. Only thing i would change is the tip to be more like a sex doll and maybe add a suction feature
  • S****e
    Highly recommended this device will change your life completely.
  • R****K
    This is absolutely amazing, not only did it arrive the next day but this exceeded my expectations! A word of advice… use lube!!!! Charge it up and let it do the work, you don’t have to move it up and down it will slow the motor, just let it do it’s thing and enjoy!!
  • P****t
    What an exhilarating toy. There are some great things about this item. The motor seems to have plenty of power and doesn’t get bogged down. There are several patterns and rhythms to choose from. While I didn’t find that the entry lips provided much in the way of stimulation based on how the toy operates, they did great on containing any excess lube. I do love the little knobs at the bottom of the cup that hit the tip of the head, those feel great. I also agree with other reviewers who suggested putting a rubber band or two around the cup to give a more snug feel and add to the sensation. It feels good without them too, but the tighter fit is pretty amazing. Not as noisy as I would have expected, so I’m pleasantly surprised. All in all a great addition to the collection.