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Reviews (37)
  • St****ng
    This is probably one the best toys I’ve ever owned. It definitely does the job. It has a lot of different settings which I like. You can make it spin any which way and you can also control how fast it goes which changes up the intensity. With that being said it can be intense at times. Especially when it helps you finish the job, it makes you feel like you’re going to pass out if you don’t turn it off right away. The only cons I have for it are that it isn’t super discreet when using because it’s a little loud. And having roommates makes it hard to use unless you’re alone. But this one is a lot quieter than others that I’ve had before. It also is pretty big so holding it can be pretty cumbersome but that’s where the suction cup stand solves that. Plus it pretty much sticks to everything! Definitely recommend this if you’re wanting to get some intense relief!
  • B****n
    Exactly what I thought it was gonna do. I had zero issues with anything. Works awesome.
  • Ca****aJ
    Good value for the money
  • Ca****an
    I've seen devices like this advertised and always thought That will either be very painful or amazing. Well, after using it several times, I can confirm that it is pretty great. The Unit is a bit large, but that is really the only knock against it. A removable Sleeve is a great feature, it's so easy to clean. The different functions offer all sorts of variation, and the stop button is great if you are going for endurance. There is even a suction cup, just in case you want to take the laziness of your pleasure up to an 11.
  • C****w
    What can I say. A great toy for the pleasure. You won't regret it.
  • Ch****er
    It’s hard (literally) to zeros into a few lines how great feeling this device is. Girlfriend is jealous.It’s easy to use, easy to clean and makes it even easier to “finish”Wedol knows what they are doing that’s for sure!
  • T****n
    This product is amazing and feels great. The suction is perfect and it was easy to clean. Would highly recommend
  • R****n
    Hey Folks!This gadget is good and powerful addition to home collection of sex toys. It would’ve even perfect if not for two factors: noice and waterproofing.Disclaimer: this is NOT paid promotion or review. I test and review gadgets by myself and for fellow kinksters😈🐷 and don’t get any compensation.So here is why I totally recommend this masturbator (PRO’s):a) this is big device because suction cup not just rotate/spin back and forth, but also moves up&downb) it has extra attachment (with silicone ‘lips’), that helps to increase effective depth from 4 to 6 inchesc) it is surprisingly very powerful. Need more time to see how good is battery inside of itd) it’s quite easy to clean. Inner sleeve requires some practice with installation after washing.And here is what I didn’t like (CON’s):a) because it is big and to provide hands-free experience it comes with suction cup.
  • C****l
    I’ve had it almost a year and still works and holds a charge just as well as new and it has been used a lot actually so much that the internet has got worn out witch was a bummer until I reached out to the company there customer service is top notch responded quickly and took care of the problem without hassle thank you Kiya for your assistance
  • D****d
    This product i s a great relaxing tool
  • Gi****ro
    This was one of the best toys I’ve used in a while!! Felt amazing and was easy to switch up the speeds. Super easy to clean as well.
  • b****y
    I got this for my boyfriend lol at first he laughed at the fact of using a male toy vibrator but since he turned it on he hasn’t been able to take it off😂 he says he loves how good it massages and feels so much like the real thing. Definitely worth the price , the thing is bigger and heavier than I thought though.
  • D****.
    Really enjoyed using the product and found it easy to put together. Pretty sturdy and definitely has some power on the twist and thrusting. First time I have used a toy like this, and I will definitely be looking into more like it. I'm above average and found it to be little too small, but still enjoyable. Would recommend if you haven't owned a toy like this.
  • r****a
    I am so impressed with this purchase. It really feels amazing to me . I can say that this toy is a excellent experience As for what it was intended to do , The inner sleeve comes right out for easy cleaning so it's easy to assemble/work and then clean . It has a very strong, durable seeming motor and a battery life that lasted
  • Gi****yo
    I think this is probably my most favorite toy I have ever had!! The fact that you can slow it down and turbo it WOW amazing !!! Take my word for it I guarantee you will have a orgasm from it plenty of times and battery life last pretty good
  • Am****er
    So let me just say that this isn’t my first toy as I’ve tried a lot. This is hands down the best. The power of this motor is unlike any other pleasure toy. It spins and pumps hard or soft and it can take the use unlike some of the cheaper ones I’ve tried. The fit is perfect. I’m average size and this think will pull you in. Hold on because this is one fun ride. It is discreetly packaged and the battery last forever. The toy is so easy to clean. The different speeds are actually different and really vary as do the patterns. It feels like the real thing and as if you are changing positions. There is a super handy pause button you can conveniently use when you want to slow down. This allows you to not have to waste battery by pulling out or turning the toy off. The suction cup actually works and holds . Unlike some of the others this one stays and allows you to put your hands up and enjoy without worry about the toy dropping. You aren’t going to want to leave the house with this bad boy!!! Trust me!!
  • Ci****ay
    We have really enjoyed adding this toy to our playtime. It is easy to use and pretty simple. We also like that is it super easy to clean.
  • R****n
    This product works the best out of a FEW other brands I've tried. It is a little loud but don't let that stop you from getting a great little machine. It's surprisingly powerful. Overall great product so far. The suction cup attachment works good too.
  • DE****ON
    I’m in love with the power and the speeds. It’s good with the rotation as well. If you’re second guessing about getting this..don’t just guess just PURCHASE IT!
  • R****b
    All I can say about this toy is wow what a experience. Make sure you use some lube for this toy and you will love this. I like how it has a suction cup. This is a beast