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Vibrating Prostate Massager
US$ 49.99
Reviews (6)
  • Je****ki
    So it's a little embarrassing writing a review for something like this but I'm doing it for two reasons- one so the next guy in my position can make an informed decision and two because it seems like a quality product. My Dr suggested a device like this for a slightly enlarged prostate and said it can make a huge difference. The model he recommended was more expensive and didn't move at all but I figured if I'm doing this anyway then I might as well see what all the fuss is about with the male g spot .As for using it there was definitely some adjusting and a learning curve getting it in position but once there seemed to be perfectly on target. It's at this point where you will truly appreciate the remote control that comes with it! The finger motion is pretty pleasurable and has 3 different intensities to choose from. I ran through the settings before using it and the vibration is like a jack hammer. I feel like I need to get more used to it before I activate the turbo lol
  • M****G
    Man kann mit der Verbindung die Steuerung übernehmen oder direkt am Plug. Hier sind verschiedene VibrationssIntensitätsstufen
    auszuwählen.Das beste am Produkt ist das der „Kopf“ sich hin und her bewegt. Es fühlt sich einfach fantastisch an wenn man den richtigen Punkt trifftFür den Preis ist auf jeden Fall empfehlenswert
  • Co****in
    This product is great! Very quiet, and the wiggling motion hit all the good spots. Overall, it's a really nice product!!
  • T****a
    I like this product a lot it’s well made and has a lot of different settings that all work very well. The wiggling reminds me of the Lovense Nora and if you don’t want to spend that kind of money this is definitely a good alternative.
  • M****e
    Absolutely wonderful addition to any man's sex toy toolkit. The wiggle sensation is...wonderful. If you weren't sure in the past about whether you're hitting the right spot...this massager will let you know.
  • To****an
    As a guy who is interested in a toy like this, I can say this one is pretty good! I've got no complaints. The motor is strong enough to do the job its intended to do, and that batteries last quite a while on a charge. It should last you through several sessions of play without needing to be recharged unless you're bringing a whole bunch of friends over. lol.