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Reviews (18)
  • su****su
    Overall it has good functionality, satisfying suction, vibration, awesome battery life, profesional and discrete packing.
    1. It was arrived quicker and charged the item for 3hrs then started using. [use waterbased lube]
    2. It has 6 vibration modes and 4 vibration modes which makes you feel good and these modes helps to reach final.
    3. The silicon material feels natural and It can also keep silicon warm enogh.
  • M****n
    Great price and excellent quality, easy handling, silent, vibration and excellent suction, very easy to clean, very soft and pleasant texture, simply amazing
  • Da****ah
    This is honestly the first thing masturbator toy that I've ever owned and so far it's definitely worth it! It has great and powerful suction you can see even before you use it. The different speeds and power it gave made it a fun ride all the way through. I'd definitely recommend buying this sucker and using it for fun by yourself or with someone else!
  • P****r
    I love it. Its packaging is really cool, a bit of Star Wars style, it's so fucking cool, and it's cool to use. I use it at least three times a day.
  • Je****es
    Product was great, soft & comfortable! The silicone felt great, and vibrating mood was something else. Massager has different settings and moods to have a more unique experience.
  • P****y
    Wow! I’m a fan!This product is great! I don’t have a plethora of toys like this but it was definitely not my first and it was definitely the most pleasurable! I got mine in the mail yesterday and I can’t seem to put it down!After the initial charge, the battery life is solid and can hold a charge for extended play. The touch screen is surprisingly responsive and really easy to learn so you can set your preferred vibration/suction easily! The suction motor is a little louder than I expected but by no means a distraction or issue.The functions work VERY well! I love the rhythmic vibration setting, personally, and the suction is… impressive! I could honestly turn it on and just let it do all the work for me! Id break down each of the suction settings but, I haven’t quite gotten through all of them yet!The cleaning is super easy. The inner sleeve comes out easily and clean out is simple! I was worried the first time pulling out the sleeve but with a little wiggle, it slid right out! If you take care of cleaning your toys, this will be nothing new for you.Came out of the packaging, cleaned out for first use, charged, and hasn’t been left alone for long since! Great product!
  • Ja****rt
    I love I can choose what it does and how fast it does it. The charger is really good, I love how it's magnetic and really strong.
  • Jo****ll
    I never knew a toy could have such a powerful suction ability. I mean wow! That suction function does it's job. I really enjoyed the feeling.This oral sex toy with pumping structure simulates the airflow in and out during oral sex through two air holes. Lube up and place it at the entrance. Turn it on and it will draw it in. If you push, you're pushing against air in the closed canal and that doesn't work out so well. It sucks you in, stops sucking and then the air pressure inside the canal now pushes you back out a bit. Then it sucks in again. It creates a surprisingly fairly realistic sensation of oral, and you don't have to move your hands.The heating function is also a great ideal to make it it feel more real for these lonely lockdowns. If you going to use the heating function turn on 10-15mins for it to warm up for better heat to use.Extremely easy to clean. The sleeve pops right out, is able to be turned inside-out easily, and comes clean with a bit of soap and cold water.It’s easy to use one handed. The battery life is really good if you want to kick back and enjoy a long leisure experience, it’s definitely up to the task.
  • M****N
    I'm writing this review for the people that want to make sure them spend there money right. This is my honest opinion This thing works And maybe a little too well .I've wasted a lot of money on other items like this this one by far is my favourite and gets the job done the fastest 10 out of 10 the thing looks great easy to use and's even easier to clean than any other 1 that I've used.
  • T****e
    I love this product the way it feels it feels so real the way it warms and vibrates and the suction makes it all that much better for this male masturbator I feel this products advantage is it’s an all in one and and it easy to clean.
  • Aa****is
    I love it it’s great best one yet please buy!
  • T****P
    Cool toyI was drawn into how super cool this looked, the features and also the easy clean functions. First time user and I could not wait to use it. It was as good as I had imagined. It is a great alternative to the real thing. Ample settings for vibrations, sucking and heating, 6 vibration modes and 4 sucking modes, the combination of three methods give you the most comfortable experience. The heat part is fantastic and it can get a little too warm but for me that’s awesome because it definitely makes the feeling kind of kinky and turns me on more. With 113°F intelligence heating, provide a deep experience and enjoyment. It’s as close to the real thing as I have ever been able to find once you warm it up. More importantly, it is well-curve design, easy and comfortable grip. It is very convenient to carry when you travel. LED light touch touchscreen is so cool. Another thing that I really liked is that it's very easy to clean and can be easily taken out from the cup to clean up under the tap. This one is reasonably priced, compact and is of extremely high quality. I recommend this toy and give it a 5-star rating.
  • P****x
    This is a really fun toy! Lots of options to choose from in the settings and great quality.
  • Am****er
    Easy to use. Great suction! No help needed. Built sturdy and to last. Several modes to help you along. Very easy to work. Easy to clean. Best bang for your buck 💰
  • N****W
    This product definitely did not disappoint! Item arrived in discreet packaging. Very easy to understand instructions. Was really impressed with the amount of variations in the vibration and suction. The warming mechanism warmed up the sleeve nicely. The orgasm mode is the perfect way to take yourself over the edge. The sleeve was easily removed for cleaning. The charging port is magnetic for easy connection. Would highly recommend. Quality product, great customer service and communication. I now have a couple of toys from this supplier. Satisfied customer.
  • M****R
    Great product and quality!Fast shipping too!I was amazing at the power of this device as well!You won’t last long dudes!
  • J****d
    I really like the heading sensations
  • C****.
    This product is pretty awesome. Easy to use and feels pretty great. The suction is pretty intense. Would recommend.