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Reviews (12)
  • H****o
    I bought this for is an enjoyable masturbator!!it has 3 thrusting spinning speeds, the fastest one is my favorite. The full of soft granules on the soft sleeves just like women’s mouth massaged my di*k. I can not help to release was the first time I got this feeling.Apply ENOUGH lube can help you feel better and it won’t stop work.Here is no speaker on this device .very excited to use the provided headphones and listen to different women’s moans.By the way,Just like the seller says ,it has a plastic top rim that attaches to the silicon sleeve, and it CAN NOT be removed.It does not matter.still easy to clean.I am impressed with the experience and would highly recommend to all the man.
  • J****z
    I needed to find a safe and healthy alternative for pleasure during the COVID-19 quarantine. I found this Thor Mastrubator Cup to good to be true in the cost and qualities I was offered but I took a chance and ordered it. It was affordable and arrived on time.I used the cup in private immediately and felt the realness I needed of someone's tightness around me and I was impressed and loved it immediately. It has a nice suction and grip for usage. It has 3 speeds for pleasure with a reverse option. If you like to self indulge on yourself at night, there is a night light option that illuminates a purple hue as it hynotizes your through touch and sight. It has compartments that are easy to detach and wash for later.If you are seeking some fun alone and don't know where to start, look no further than here and enjoy yoiurself.
  • H****e
    The price not high, I have some but this one when I tried it. the power strong enough for me.
  • P****c
    This is a nice little machine. It's not nearly as loud as some and definitely worth the price. The $300 machines are great and all, but not THAT much better than this one. I do wish it had a Bluetooth interface. The spinning action is really awesome.
  • L****i
    This product is very realistic and feels very close to the real thing. Its better then the male masturbator cup by LONOVE as the feeling obviously that one looks more realistic but the feeling is what actually matters. It's very easy to clean. My only complaint would be the buttons they're not very responsive other than that works just fine. This product is very good.
  • S****y
    This IS totally awesome! I had so much fun with it the night I got it, I did two rounds before bed and another round in the morning.
  • Ro****rd
    I ordered this Masturbator thinking I would like it, and sure enough it delivers, a wild ride I never knew! It Thrusts back and forth, spins too. The sensations are too unbelievable for me to describe. I love it :)
  • J****.
    If you are looking for something like this, then this is the one you are looking for. Good inexpensive contender to the pricey alternatives that seem to be flooding this market. The modes are easy to switch on the fly and for the money all the bells and whistles this thing has are excellent additions. Multiple speeds, you can change rotation, you can light up the chamber, and you can plug in some earbuds for some included J.O.E. voice-over. Two thumbs up!
  • An****D.
    Great product my man loved it and it was exciting using it on him😍😍😍
  • Da****er
    I've been experimenting with with a couple of automatic cups like this before but this is certainly the most intense for the price range. When properly lubed up, this cup provides an amazing sensation. One charge is good for more than a few sessions and cleanup is easy since the cup itself is shallow.
  • Ch****er
    This thing is pretty awesome! It's basically a free BJ whenever you want one. The battery life is plenty enough for multiple sessions, and it feels great!It rotates and moves up and down at the same time, which feels pretty awesome. Great for joi's and games. It has a light feature on it incase you want to see what's going on, although I don't see the point of it.The controls on it allow you to go faster or slower, change rotation direction and to turn the light on and off along with an on/off button for the whole device.Packaging was discreet.All in all, worth the money! It's much cheaper and more fun than a date. Lol
  • B****M
    The quality of the product is amazing, especially compared the price point for other automatic spinning devices. What I appreciated most is the rotation and soft yet erotic material inside which makes it easy to climax even on a night where you might feel low energy. The headphones that come with the device (a nice bonus) has the sounds of a girl sex talking and moaning which adds more to the experience than I thought it wold Finally I give this product top marks for being easy to disassemble and clean.Easy to use, easy to clean, easy to climax, feels great. All and all a 5 Star product though and though.