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Reviews (16)
  • An****us
    This masturbator comes in an attractive packaging with a USB charging cable and a water-based lubricant. A big advantage of this masturbator is its design and construction. The actual part is hidden behind a red transparent cover with a lid, which can be unscrewed if you wish. As a result, the masturbator is very well protected from dust. The inner cover can be removed very easily for cleaning, so that no annoying aftermath is necessary after the actual use. All I can say about the performance of this masturbator is wow. The unique selling point of this device compared to conventional masturbators is its rotational movement, which also varies in height. Together with the countless operating modes, everyone is sure to find something for themselves here. This is really a completely different experience, especially with the excellent price-performance ratio.
  • m****9
    The toy worked exactly has advertised.
    Had 10 settings that you can cycle through. Seems to always start on the same one.

    Its great to change when its starts getting stale on one setting.
    One gripe is wish I could adjust the speed, but thats the only negative.
    And I got a bottle of lubricant, he wrote Black Friday gift, thank you very much.
    I would recommend this to anyone looking for a toy.
    I've bought similar to this for more and this beats them all!
    Service:You are a lucky customer during the Black Friday event. Congratulations on your gift. I hope you will like it. Now hellofuntoys has started the Christmas promotion. Welcome to buy again. Have a nice day!
  • N****e
    Item has great suctioning inside the tube. It could benefit from having an assortment of silicone inserts with different patterns.
  • J****r
    This is the second mmm, whatever you want to call this, that i have gotten for my boyfriend. He enjoyed it a lot. Very easy to take apart and clean. Always use lube!
  • T****m
    This toy was MIND BLOWING! The casing looks and feels high quality and is a great bang for your buck! Solo or using it with a partner it is like a whole new world! Even the packaging is very nice with its minimalist approach. I can hide it in plain sight and no one would expect a thing in its box! With 10 different modes you get to experience a different pleasure in every use! It also arrived pretty fast and in amazing condition! I would recommend this product for anyone who’s looking to spice things up and explore! With the holidays coming up it would be a perfect gift for a friend or partner. It is also very easy to clean. I never thought a simple toy could be so life changing! I really Can wait to keep using it with, and without my partner!
  • P****y
    Wow! I’m a fan!This product is great! I don’t have a plethora of toys like this but it was definitely not my first and it was definitely the most pleasurable! I got mine in the mail yesterday and I can’t seem to put it down!
  • J****.
    Personally, I really liked the mastubator. I can imagine that it is not for everyone. In other recessions it is said that you need a lot of lubricant, otherwise something down there would turn right away. I didn't really have that problem. I guess it depends on the pe *** too. You always need lubricant, of course, but I didn't really need more than other toys in the same direction.
    The mastubator feels valuable. Perhaps it should also be said that the mastubator really only turns AND moves up and down. You can't just choose one of the two.
    All in all, I think the device is very nice for the price.
  • B****m
    Sex toys
    for men. The cleaning of the device is very easy. The mastrubator
    It is easy to use and lies comfortably in the hand. The price and workmanship of the device are good. In addition, he is not immediately recognizable,
    because it gives the impression of a thermos.
    After I also tested other devices from other manufacturers, this is currently in second place in my personal ranging.
    In any case, I can recommend this part.
  • A****n
    Nearly sucked me in
  • An****us
    This machine is pretty amazing. Great sensation, 1st time did not last long. The movement and rotation combine for pretty good pleasure. Run thru the settings and speeds, start slower. I would not buy any other device. This is it.
  • Br****on
    Plenty of length to this toy, not one of these miniature models. That said, she's tight.
  • T****P
    Amazing feel and unique experience!I was drawn into how super cool this looked, the features and also the easy clean functions. First time user and I could not wait to use it. It was as good as I had imagined. It is a great alternative to the real thing.
  • G****y
    Really good device.Great feeling.
  • T****y
    I'm writing this review for the people that want to make sure them spend there money right. Great toy lots of settings good suction and strong motors even has what I guess you could call a boost button
  • C****H
    Very good quality for that price
  • M****l
    It’s powerful!!