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Reviews (8)
  • K****M
    If you want it, this has it! Little intimidated at first, not gonna lie! Larger than I anticipated but fun nonetheless! Came charged, appealing visually…
  • Mo****S.
    Works great, battery lasts a long time, easy to clean
  • s****3
    The G Spot Vibrator features an anatomically accurate Tongue Rose head, to simulate the feeling of a real tongue. It rotates and vibrates, delivering an intense and pleasurable sensation that will light your fire.
  • Jo****ar
    I didn't expect it to be big
    but it's really great
  • Ki****ng
    The mouth part on it honestly could pass as a real mouth when using it if you didnt know any better. It has great suction to it. And the other end piece has so much power.
  • RH****SS
    Id been veiwing this item for super long time trying to decide if was gonna be worth buying and finally decided to go for it and i wish i had bought it long ago when i first seen it now. Omg it works awesome does exactly what it should do. It should seriously be in every girls must have toys. It lasts super long and is extremely easy to use. The mouth part on it honestly could pass as a real mouth when using it if you didnt know any better. It has great suction to it. And the other ends little finger like piece has so much power it will blow your mind to have a toy have so much power i was in shock at its performance. Ive honestly never purchased a toy (and ive purchased alot of them) and had it have this much power force. Most toys dont perform as well as this does so its so well worth every dime you spend on it. And you will have a new best friend in this device. Easy to use as a couple or alone. Cleans very easily and just over all really good quality .
  • C****e
    I am a fan of HELLOFUNTOYS. I often pay attention to the new products of hellofuntoys. When I saw this product, I was very interested and I received the product quickly.
    I'm really pleased with it, it's great, it's the best toy I've purchased recently.
    From the moment I held it in my hands, I was impressed by its sleek yet heavy duty design. The smooth texture and beautiful red color are worth noting, and the substantial weight promises durability and stability during use.
    The innovative combination of features truly blew me away. The vibrating function offered customizable intensity levels, sending waves of pleasure coursing through my body.
  • Li****ch
    Got this for our intimate moments & it came in very nice packaging with everything included. This is overall a great device for pleasure. It is functional and has nice build quality. It is comfortable and you can use these for longer than expected. I can recommend this product for this price.My 2 cents below:Pros:- This vibrator works great & provides pleasure for sure- Has 10 vibration modes to select from gentle to hard adjustment settings based on your preferences- Dedicated button functionality for power & mode change- Feels comfortable overall as silicone tips are good grade and soft- Waterproof massager- Has an inbuilt battery and hence saves cost in the long run- USB rechargeable with proprietary magnetic ends hence can be charged via any power source- Simple and easy to use overall- Premium build quality- Reasonably priced for the functionality in the competitionCons:- Has a proprietary cable for the charging port and hence you need to carry the same cable anywhere you travel. I wish it has a USB-C port for charging with waterproof covers- The manufacturer should include a carry/storage bag for this so it is easier while traveling