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  • J****3
    I was so surprised when I used this for the first time. I was a little confused when I first looked at it, but then once I read all the instructions on how it works, it blew my mind. This toy offers so many different vibrations/modes not only on the main side but on the other side also. Now these aren't on all other toys like this one, so this is definitely the one you will want to order right away. The power will blow your mind!
  • A****B
    Great new toy!
  • Mz****ra
    Tento má úžasné funkce, rychlé nabíjení a dlouhou výdrž baterie.
  • Li****se
    I was skeptical. I've never been able to sq**rt and I've been looking for a toy that could get me there. THIS is that toy!The packaging was a discreet plain black box. Came with charger and manual. This is the smoothest toy I've ever had. Basically silicone velvet! I recommend, as any new toy, washing first. Toy is very, very quiet which was nice because hubby gets offended when I don't include him, and he never knew sitting in the next room. Turn it on by holding the top button. After the buzz, you can turn on one or both features. The first button turns on the stick, and the bottom button turns on the mouth piece.First use, I am blown away! It was an incredible feeling. The flapping feature was super intimidating. I thought for sure it would hurt. It was such a pleasant surprise. Second use is when the magic happened and it was a mess! I can't believe I missed out on this for 20 years! I don't know that any toy will stand up against it. The mouth piece on this was also incredible and honestly, I would love a toy with just the mouth piece. I highly recommend this toy if you want to see stars, and have the best O of your life.Please, do yourself the favor and RUN to get this toy! You're welcome!
  • Sa****an
    Don't hesitate, just go for it! I got mine in less than half a minute of using it. Seriously, just add it to your cart now! It blows the rose out of the water. If you're even thinking about getting the rose, ditch that idea and grab this one instead. Once you get your hands on this, you'll kick yourself for not buying it ages ago.
  • T****a
    This is a little intimidating at first. There's a lot going on, but it's awesome!