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Reviews (10)
  • Ky****🦋🦄
    This toy is so soft and a nice size. It does everything it’s suppose to! The front part is what gets me fr how it’s made and everything.
  • E****on
    I really liked this toy that has a well-crafted design for its function, it is easy to use due to its power buttons and varied movements, the battery life is enough for a long session and it has a fairly discreet and adequate sound.
  • De****92
    If you’re looking for the toy that does it right every single time this is it! I freaking love this thing!!! This small piece of machinery is going to be my new best friend, so glad I got this! Thank you for making this, it’s incredible! It’s quiet, strong, mindblowing, so many settings and the feeling is so Devine in your hand. Who wants to feel powerful with me?!!
  • Ed****el
    I thought it was meh until I got it in the right spot and think I couldn't hold back my enthusiasm and had the biggest O ever. Best purchase. I haven't came it months 😭😭😭😭 so much was built up and in an instance it was set free. Buy it and truth will set you free too.
  • K****hs
    Using this toy as a guy is amazing. The flapping feature was able to hit spots that sent tingles up and down (areas). The pulsating knob hitting against my perin ium was also quite the experience and made it so much easier to reach that pinnacle of bliss. It may now be one of my top favorites.This a silicone body safe toy. I will only ever get silicone as the other stuff really does cause a bad burn on my skin. This gave me no issues.Once out to the box I always check to see if the head/point is unbearably hard or impossibly soft.This one is a little on the firm side but not too firm for that it feels like cheap toy. It still maintains softness there shouldn’t be any trouble embedding. .There aren’t any crazy ridges which I can appreciate.The width super works for me and the length is PERFECT .
  • J****o
  • M****i
    It feel so good and so soft to the skin. It does an amazing job.
  • Ki****le
    This is a great quality toy that packs multiple punches. I've never really experienced a toy like this but if you're looking for a wild ride buy this, you wont regret it. The vibrations are very powerful and the little flapper feels amazing on the gspot! 10/10 highly recommended. Battery last multiple uses and materials are easy to clean.
  • St****n4
    I absolutely love this product! The battery life is impressive, holding a charge for an extended period. The quick delivery was a pleasant surprise, and the softness of the material feels amazing. Personally, I appreciate the various speeds, vibrations, and thrust modes that provide a fantastic sensation. The different settings add versatility, and the rhythmic patterns enhance the overall experience. Cleaning is a breeze, and the overall product quality is top-notch. Highly recommended!
  • K****a
    I like to try new things, so when I saw the G-BLISS upgrade, I bought it immediately.
    I have to say that G-BLISS-PRO really surprised me. It’s great. I’m looking forward to the next upgrade.