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Reviews (12)
  • L****e
    I love this toy, my man loves this toy. This come in handy on those days in the month that I can’t have as much fun as I would like to. U want to blow his mind, BUY THIS!!!!
  • RI****HO
    Very stimulating.I thoroughly enjoy using this cup. There are a number of intensity/rotation options all of which stimulate. I like the fact that I can control the intensity. I've tried similar devices that move so fast they feel like they want to tear of your member. The device is easy to clean is well thought out. I would highly recommend this cup to any man who wants to spend a pleasurable evening alone (or I guess with friends as well).
  • T****x
    I like the product for it being my first purchase of a masturbator!It's very snug and satisfying stimulating. I'm very girthy so I was a bit worried if I'd fit it in all the way but this definitely works for all sizes and is very snug.Extremely stimulating after orgasm as the toy stays tight around your very sensitive head and shaft. Seems up be very durable. I'd recommend using a water based lube to play with because it's easy to clean up afterwards.
  • Th****42
    I love the feel of the toy. So easy to clean and if you only want to use part of it still works great
  • mi****ia
    This is an amazing toy to use when you don’t want to do all the work haha
  • B****V
    I didn't expect it to be so powerful! You should be ready and understand the machine before you go TOO crazy and test it out! Knowing what order things are and what buttons work best is a great idea to make sure to not over stimulate your time! Otherwise great product! I didn't realize it came with some headphones to make sure you had the ability to use the voice option. Great feel overall and very easy cleanup!
  • Br****on
    Hellofuntoys has done it again. This is probably the craziest toy I have ever received and I am happy with it, like beyond happy..
  • Ad****me
    I've ordered a number of Hellofuntoys products and I love all of them. They're all pretty well made for the price and I'm always impressed with the quality. This one is no exception. I've seen similar products that are priced higher, but for the price I don't think they're as good as this. I love all the different modes and intensities. Definitely worth a purchase. I can't stop using it.
  • J****n
    I love it!
  • ma****os
    Absolutely amazing product. Love all the different settings it has to offer.Love the fact that it's rechargeable. It is easy to clean and assemble! Look forward to purchasing more products from this company!!
  • L****s
    Was looking for a toy to use because I’m not ready to interact with people yet. The inner sleeve that vibrates and rotates feels great. It comes with headphones so that you can hear moans while it’s in use but I prefer to not use that. Really enjoy using this instead of a regular fleshlight.
  • We****er
    Works great. Feels great. Sounds great.