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Reviews (7)
  • J****M
    At first glance, you can tell this one is very well made. Solid construction, yet the silicone is just the right combination of firm and soft. Though I had low expectations because many of these types tend to be uncomfortable, if not painful, this one was a nice surprise. It doesn't have the typical suck your junk clean off until you have to call 911 approach. It actually uses the shape of the mouth in conjunction with motors that move the lips, making a sucking motion, without any of the discomfort. With the proper amount of lube, you can pretty much just let it do it's thing without any effort on your part. However, I find it operates just as well without the suction function turned on as a stroker only. I didn't even mention the powerful vibration, which is just a bonus to an already effective device. You won't last long with all those features going, I promise you. I'd also like to say it's super easy to clean and the electronics are totally isolated so you won't damage them with water.One caveat though, if you're above 6 , you'll probably wish it went deeper, but I realize that this is designed more for the head/gland stimulation more than the entire shaft. Despite that, I highly recommend it.
  • Wi****B.
    This masturbator is the best one I have ever used. Since I received it, I am using it almost every day. It is well designed and well built. The suction power is great and very pleasant. The various vibration modes are excellent. The inner tube is not too long therefor, the glans can get a very pleasing treatment.
    I recommend to use some lubrication for easier insertion. Easy to clean. Very pleased. Highly recommended.
  • C****ts
    I rarely buy these kind of things and rarely leave reviews but this is definitely in my top 3 favorite toys I have. Simple, little, easy to clean.I will say though if you're looking for a deep throat kind of simulator this isn't it but at the same time it doesn't advertise to be. It's covers really only the head and part of the shaft for us big boys out there but feels so good. Use a lot of lube.
  • ****.
    This product came on time and as described. It's 'bite' function was a new thing for me and was surprisingly realistic in feel. It was also very easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone.J
  • Ju****te
    This thing is fun to use with strong adjustable vibrations and patterns. The biting is new for me but it’s nice as well. Def a good addition to the bedroom!
  • B****y
    If you are looking for a heightened climax when your usually jerking then get this product… it has multiple vibration settings/speeds and same goes for the mouth clenching experience as well. I couldn’t hold myself back when the vibration hit the spot and it didn’t stop feeling good until I finished… only con I could see is that if you prefer a tighter toy I’m sure there are other products well suited for that. Give this a try and you won’t regret this affordable and timely gift.
  • s****f
    My partner said he could not explain the feeling of the toy only that it felt good. It added some spice to our love life. I liked that it came in a timely manner and in a discreet package.