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Reviews (3)
  • T****no
    At first the size was a little intimidating but the soft material made it easy to use! Between the different thrusting modes and vibration patterns, this is a guaranteed fun time. It charged quickly and was ready to use. The remote is great and quickly sends the change of either the thrusting or vibration. Great for the shower.
  • J****N
    Okay, so first things first, this is a pretty big dildo. It’s not too ridiculously large, but you should probably warm up with a few fingers before trying to get it in. Its definitely for people with a bit of experience under their belt. It’s a lot softer than any of my other toys, so I wasn’t sure how much I would notice the textures, but the textures ended up adding a lot to the experience. The soft material is actually a very nice feature, especially given the firm inner mechanical shaft. So its got some backbone but its quite flexible.The middle of the shaft has a kinda bulbous shape to it, which ended up helping secure the dildo in place so that the thrusting was more noticeable. I’m a male, so “in place” can only mean one thing for me. That being said, the thrusting is the best part of the whole thing. The remote control is a nice feature for swapping between modes, and I found the strength of the motor to be stronger than some of the other products I’ve tried. I can’t comment on durability, as I have not had the product long, however it feels very well made.Keep in mind that this is a 10 inch dildo with a mechanical shaft in the middle. Its soft but it doesn’t bend much. Don’t get any big ideas about trying to get the whole knot inside. Maybe someone can do it but I’m certainly not going to try. The knot is still appreciated though, because it kinda presses against the outside while things are moving around and that’s pretty nice.Ive tried another thrusting knotted dildo in the past and this one is definitely my favorite between the two. Thrusting dildos are quickly becoming my favorite kind of toy. The movement just adds so much to the experience. They can be a little noisy though. This toys vibrator is less loud and more powerful than the other one I have. The thrusting motor is about the same though.Overall, I think the shape, and power of this toy makes it a great choice for anyone looking for some extra spice in their life. This thing rocks. Might be my favorite new toy.
  • R****X
    She likes to feel very very full, so that requires a special toy. This impressive toy offers an abundance of features that cater to both of our needs. It is her new favorite and mine too. She was left breathless with just a push on the remote.First and foremost, size. This dildo offers a deep penetration that certainly hits all the right spots. The tapered head allows for easy insertion. Of course, we used a bunch of lube. But the excitement didn’t stop there. The textured shaft took the stimulation to a new level as it went deeper.The combination of vibrating and thrusting modes was key. The result? Customizable fun that caters to her every desire. Honestly it was amazing to watch and even easier to use with the remote. This allowed my hands to explore other areas. The remote control definitely added an immersive element to playtime.Big D is a game-changer in our world, Its impressive size, textured shaft, and challenging knot provided an experience that left her very pleased. I give this a 10/10, buckle up and get ready for the adventure!