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Reviews (7)
  • m****ne
    This thing is awesome. I waited to review until after I tried it. I love it.! It is like a multifunction as in it creates more girth while also vibrating both people. We both really enjoyed it and will use it again soon. It was comfortable for both. I only wish it came with instructions to make sure we placed it properly! It stayed in place but we weren't sure how it's suppsed to sit! Lol but amazing! I can't wait to use it again and again!
  • K****e
    I had tried other vibrating rings before but trying this was a whole new level of experience. It wraps around your goods in a very comfortable way, once on it’s very easy to use, shifting through the 9 levels of pleasure is intuitive and it prolonged the fun because of the different rings. It was fun and ectatic! As if that wasn’t enough, cleaning up was easy under warm water. Recommending it to all my buddies for extra pleasure.
  • G****b
    What an awesome product, the sensations and feelings my wife share with this are unmatched. We will be trying more products from this company, but this thing was awesome.
  • y****n
    Fit on my hot dog having partner perfectly. Larger or smaller hot dogs it would be easily accommodate too! Extremely positive experience using it, for BOTH hot dog owner and hot dog bun owner!! One thing I will say is that my hot dog owner mentioned that if he had long hair (down there) that the meatball portion could potentially pull but with a quick shave the day (or week) before it's no problem at all! Easy to use once put on, very self explanatory. Multiple settings for all choices of enjoyment.
  • Do****tt
    Was a little skeptical as it looked somewhat complicated to put on and use. Actually, quite easy and WOW did it do the trick. Both my partner and I thoroughly enjoyed the toy she had a particular liking to the ability to surprise me with the remote. If you are on the fence don't be just buy it and enjoy.
  • J****n
    Was searching for something new & ran into this, definitely wasn't disappointed with the product at all , it actually impressed me because you see these things on here get them, they feel cheap or break easily or not what you thought , this dont feel cheaply made , it is comfortable to me once on and for me I do have some tenderness issues that makes it harder for me to easily put on and off one of the rings but once on its very comfortable and definitely a nice tool to have in the bag and my issue probably isn't common, but still 5 stars because my issues isnt the products fault and it preforms great for all involved and when I'm looking for my next new thing I'll probably start with them with products like this
  • S****e
    Had a great time trying this out! Easy to use, extension is a nice feature and with the vibration, makes for an incredible time!