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Reviews (10)
  • L****o
    At first I was skeptical thinking I can just use my hand!
    BOY was I wrong!
    There's a different feeling to being hands off and letting it do its thing for you. The single open stroker that comes with it creates a vacuum like seal around your member and the vibrator attachment adds that extra sensory feeling. What I love the most is I can use my other strokers with it. It works really well with my Tenga Cups since the cup has a curve to it.
  • S****e
    This product was better and more enjoyable than expected. The multiple modes along with being able to adjust the speed then add the vibration....amazing
    Would definitely buy again.
  • En****ez
    Discreetly packaged, simple design with the basic features you need along with a vibrating bullet and charging usb to usb-c cable included.This does does it's job, and does it well.It's not complicated to use or clean at all, everything and by everything the 3 separate components i.e. sleeve, machine and vibrator are able to be separated for individual cleaning after use, with only one component really need a deep clean and the others a quick wipe with an anti bacterial wipe.It's got your basic functions of vibration styles, depth of stroke and speed, all controllable with a few buttons. It's really easy to use and it helps with getting the job done without needing to take apart the entire thing after finishing with what you're doing. I've had multiple other toys that I need to go through a whole rigamarole just to take it apart and clean and it really does become a hassle.I really like it, it's easy to use. Does exactly what I want it to, and leaves me satisfied when I get in the mood for a fun time.I think it's worth a try, and for how expensive other toys are on the market it's a drop in the bucket for your satisfaction to try this out.
  • M****Su
    There are so many features and options in this machine, thrusting, vibrating, speed control each has many levels and you can combine them how ever you like! The rubber thing is easy to clean, just need warm water and soap. The sensation of using this product is amazingly good! I recommend using lubricant with this product for better experience.
  • B****.
    I've had this product for about 2 weeks as of writing this review. With the silicone sleeve being easily removable via velcro strap, you can replace the the silicone with any of your other toy(s) if you so desire. And the sleeve being silicone, you can easily wash it with soap and warm water. Two of its greatest features (for me personally) are the five different thrusting modes and speeds. There's also the vibration option for the egg that is included which is detachable. Honestly, this could be the only battery-powered toy you'll ever need. I will update this review when necessary.
  • ****w
    This thing is GREAT. Quiet, great texture, and you can adjust the tightness. Best find so far!!!
  • AL****ED
    This thing is huge!! And it has power. Very nice variety of modes. It feels real enough and it's comfortable. Please note that this product has some weight to it. But you don't notice while you are in your zone.
  • Jo****on
    It's super powerful, it's my first time buying this type of masturbator, and it can adjust the tightness, which is really great.
  • P****R
    This is the best male masturbator I have ever used. First of all, you can freely adjust the wrapping, and you can clearly see how you reach orgasm. In addition, it is really easy to clean. Highly recommended, thank you HELLOFUNTOYS!!!!!!
  • O****m
    It's the most powerful masturbator I've ever used. Definitely worth the price.