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Reviews (7)
  • M****w
    The different patterns are very interesting. If you don’t try and go all the way in, you can create some suction within the toy which takes it to an entirely new level. Took the black case off and girlfriend really enjoyed watching it, good toy to encourage foreplay in addition to just going solo.
  • T****i
    First time purchasing an heating & automatic toy instead of the normal product, and it is a lot better than those. The sound it makes when it’s on cannot be heard if use it in an enclosed area (toilet), so it wouldn’t be a problem if you want to use it discreetly. As for their service, my sleeve had a minor issue, so I emailed them and they replied within a day and currently they’re shipping me a replacement for it. It is a very trustworthy company and would recommend to anyone.
  • Jo****ue
    Play around with positions and settings. Be creative. Its not every day you get to call all the shots when it comes to sucked, so take advantage of it! Try different positions. Play around with the speed settings, and see what really gets you off! Use visual stimulation. This is key for me. The male masturbators can feel as tight or as wet as they want, but until I throw on a little adult movies to watch while in the act I feel like sometimes they take too long to make me reach orgasm. But when Im watching my favorite stars get rammed it makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable.
  • Ow****av
    I am pleasantly surprised how fun this item is to use . It’s had different speeds and motions and feels really cool . A couple of friends tried it as well and enjoyed it a lot .
  • C****e
    My package was stolen, but luckily HELLOFUNTOYS reissued a new package to me.
  • B****e
    It's so cool, it does so well, and it's definitely worth buying.
  • An****li
    This item is amazing!I honestly thought what am I even buying then I got this straight out of HELLOFUNTOYS and fell in love! My wife has no clue what she is up against with this lovely machine! All I do is charge it, turn it on and boom wonder land! Clean up is super easy. If you are looking for the number one sucker, well you found it!