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  • A****a
    I received this toy last week and I was able to give it a go; it's pretty nifty.

    For once, it's pretty comfortable and it's design allows it to fit basically all sizes and shapes which means it can basically be enjoy by most.

    The vibration is excellent, like a warm hug for your best friend, haha.

    I am not sure how long it took to charge, but the connection was pretty easy and the remote seems to work flawlessly.

    It also has several settings you can play with to suit your taste, or you can select the random mode for an even more interesting session.

    The only thing I wish it was a tad different, is the cock ring that comes with it. Even though it's a bit stretchy, making this from a different silicone mix would definitely be a plus, but if you use enough lube (for most).

    All in all, I really like this toy, it certainly provides a different experience that makes things interesting in the bedroom.
  • t****r
    It has a very powerful vibration with several different modes. It's very soft silicone. My wife even loves using this toy. The battery lasts a while! It's fairly big. It's a bit loud, you can hear it in a room with the door closed, so not a sneaky toy. The string band with rung isn't very durable. It can easily be ripped or snapped if pulled too hard putting on or taking off. It comes with a handy remote, but you can also just use the button on the toy Itself. Works best with lube! Overall we love it!
  • ****z
    Toy is soft and comfortable works amazingly, the vibrations are strong, and having the app with different settings definitely makes it more fun. Would definitely recommend this to others.
  • ****l
    The app control is amazing. Music mode game mode and self control make up your own pattern. The gf is more amused with game mode and music mode
  • B****n
    I love this one! Fun to wear while playing video games or for more “focused” activities. Love using it while playing the game on the app as well. Highly recommended ;)
  • L****ry
    Dette er en meget kraftfuld enhed. Den har 3 betjeningsmetoder for nem brug. Tænd/sluk-knap, fjernbetjening og appen er perfekte til individuel leg eller parspil. Luksuriøst tilfredsstillende og blød. Nem at rengøre. Vi elskede det!
  • Ri****ck
    Cool toy to try out. I was interested in trying something different and this was it! I used it wrong at first lol, once I added the lube though I got the hang of things. The attached rings are a great addition.