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Reviews (2)
  • He****ts
    My husband and I really like this toy. It helps spice things up and even comes with a remote.
  • X****te
    The package arrived when it said it would. No delays. The packaging was black and had no visuals on the outside of the container. No one would know what was inside. I appreciated this.The product itself is heavy and firm in my hand.I was very surprised to see how stretchy the band was and how easy it was to stretch around the fun bits. There was some concern about the anal plug pulling out during use but I think that’s due to distance from the boys to the back door.However, with that said, I’m highly pleased with the product. The beads travel under the smooth material and feel amazing. They CAN feel a bit intense when used with all the other settings turned on; so I do prefer them on the lowest setting. The bend of the end of the toy and the speed variance makes for an intense O. The vibration is located at the tip and again at the base so you’re getting a multi feeling vibration and is my preferred method, with the bending option turned off. The band does not squeeze too tight and was comfortable to wear for long periods of time. 30 mins to an hour.