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  • T****n
    I obsessed over choosing a reasonably priced toy that wouldn't just end up in the garbage in a few weeks. I'm glad I chose this one. It has good battery life, GREAT texture, a ton of options, isn't too loud...and I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is almost TOO good. I have trouble lasting. It makes me finish too quickly. And I've never had trouble lasting, alone or with a partner. Especially with vibration on setting 3 and suction on pattern 1. It feels utterly incredible, and I keep having to stop it if I want to enjoy a longer session.
  • Ma****ow
    Package came in the mail and was quite lightweight. Upon opening, one will find the main product wrapped in a plastic sleeve, instructions, earphones and charger.

    Am very satisfied with this new Masturbator Toy, its overall functionality, overall productivity, and overall comfort and feel.

    Have went through many self masturbator products and have had difficulty finding the right toy that encompassed proper feel, suction, motion, and was overall not too bulky to handle. Am quite lucky I found all of these must haves in this product.

    Will definitely be telling my friends!
  • Ma****ow
    The toy is great, there's a lot of little details that I really liked, like how easy it was to clean without having to worry about getting the motor damaged since it's waterproof, but I loved that I could remove the holding cup as one piece and clean all around n' under n whatnot. And with the water mode, it's a whole different experience. At first I didn't really like how the ridges were designed on the inside when first using it like a regular toy with lube because it felt a little weird for a male toy, kinda, like too mechanical in away. but then when I tried the water mode, oh man, it made a huge difference. The only thing though is that with the suction feature active, the water squirts out the other end like it's draining it and I found it a little annoying at first because I didn't know where it was coming from but when I finally figured it out and had everything going, it was all good. All in all, it definitely feels different than most toys and I like that it had both the thrusting motor with a suction motor. Oh, And that tongue tho! It was a nice touch, I actually kinda liked it alot more than I thought I would especially with how I thought that with simply rotating, it wouldn't do much, but it actually felt kinda realistic at times, ngl, so definitely worth it for the price.
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  • Ri****ue
    This is the perfect toy to have fun with. The suction on it varies and almost acts as a pump. Overall a 10/10 for sure.