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Reviews (10)
  • Ze****ce
    What's not to like about this?!? Not sure what I'm allowed to say on here, but I will say that I have zero regrets with this purchase. Easy to clean, everything works as described. Love that my phone fit right in on the top. Many different speeds and settings. Well worth the money!
  • B****F
    Soooo much entertainment!! I don’t have the right parts for this but when I asked my friends to volunteer they all wanted to participate!!! Such an amazing device. Slight learning curve if you aren’t use to motorized devices. Super soft textured silicone. Love that it has the phone holder.
  • ma****ce
    The Leten masturbator is an amazing device for the money. I would give it an 8 out of 10 considering its value. It comes with two flesh-like inserts that roughly represent a vagina and an anus, which are both made of the same material that seems realistic and of good quality. The power of the device is very good and the motions are solid and composed except when too much pressure is applied to the body. In addition to speed control and stroke length and location, several modes of motion are complex combinations of motions that provide interesting sensations. The cleaning of the inserts is assisted by a simple arrangement of a clear plastic cup-like containment system that is easily removed from the main unit. It also has USB-C charging at up to 2.4 amps and at least very adequate battery capacity for more than one session.

    My first trial and session with the masturbator was an overall experience of 8 out of 10. Once I figured out how to best insert the “soft rubber” (as they are referred to) into the containment cup, it was simple to use. After applying adequate lubricant, I turned on the power and inserted my erect penis. Initially, I experimented with the masturbator in the standing position and tried both the vagina and anus inserts. I found that the vagina was too tight for my penis and that the anus was about right. After settling on the anus, I sat in front of my computer to begin my experiments.

    I experimented with various lubricants and found them all to be useful. I found that lubricants may dry out quickly and should be replenished often to avoid excess frictional heating given the device’s strength, speed, and relentlessness. I found it helpful to change speed and motion modes often to overcome desensitization. In one case, after a long period of use, I felt the need to remove my penis and massage it gently to return feeling to it. After reinserting my penis, I was able to reach climax with difficulty. I believe that this difficulty was caused by my inability to increase stimulation immediately before ejaculation as I do during manual masturbation. However, with careful locational control of the unit during climax buildup, I achieved ultimate success.

    Although there were a few minor issues to overcome during the first test that undermined the overall experience slightly, I found that my impression of the session improved from adequate and interesting, to the best lay I’ve had in a while. During my second and third sessions, I experimented with manual stroking while operating the device. This increases the overall experience quite a bit and is especially useful during the final buildup to increase stimulation if necessary. At this point, I am three for three and I’m feeling most satisfied in the sexual department.

    The improvements I would suggest are more reliable performance when the unit is pressed against the body and a vagina insert that has a slightly larger diameter hole than that of the anus insert. There could also be holes for lubricant injection for on-the-fly requirements. The addition of suction and vibration to future units should be considered.
  • ke****ll
    My husband loves this item excellent quality easy to use strong vibration comes with headphones to here moaning in an Asian voice at your discretion and holds your phone while your hands are occupied
  • A****r
    The power and speed on this one is amazing. The first use was mind blowing and can’t wait to use many more, My girlfriend really enjoys using it on me as well, everyone’s happy.

  • Ma****on
    This was a mind blowing experience compared to the standard method!
  • B****ki
    The Sex Toy Automatic Male Masturbator is strangely cool. I thought I'd try this for no reason and now I feel like I'm cheating on my wife now haha! It works... It comes with a couple different messaging heads. The machine itself isn't heavy at all, various speed modes and styles. I totally recommend this for any guy and well ladies as well, a few modifications will be orgasmic so to speak!
    Although the product is large, the outer packaging is kept confidential, which is great!
  • K****T
    Amazing. This is the best masturbator I have ever used.
  • k****o
    This device is really well made and works incredibly well. If you are someone who is going through a period where you are not having sex, it will absolutely get you through. In .my opinion, you shouldn't waste your time trying to find a less expensive product. This device is absolutely worth the investment.
  • k****y
    It's really big, beyond my imagination. The function is even more powerful, it can manually adjust the position you want to stimulate, it is so good, I am willing to pay 300 dollars for it.