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Reviews (6)
  • H****y
    I actually really like this toy! At first i thought the suction and the tongue weren't really that good. However I gave it a second chance and now its probably my second favorite toy.To get a good suction you have to press down gently yet firmly. I don't think the suction is so supposed to stay latched on the whole time because otherwise you wouldn't get that sucking sensation.I actually like all the patterns on this lil guy unlike other toys. The tongue is just the right amount of firm and soft.The only down side is cleaning it. Because of the kind of material its made out of, a lot of fuzzies get stuck to it as soon as you clean it and set it to dry.Overall im very satisfied.
  • Vi****le
    This was the best thing I ever bought.I can say, I am very happy and very pleased.
  • Ch****nt
    I love the design of this toy, it is very different from other toys I have used and the soft sucking and pulling at the same time in certain places is surprisingly well received. I really enjoy using this with my partner, it's a great design
  • ****s
    Definitely bigger than I was expecting. It works pretty well and has some interesting vibration patterns. My only criticism is that with how much suction it does, if it’s not properly “sealed” you’ll hear it squeaking lol
  • Ja****am
    I love this vibrator so much, it combines tongue licking and vibrations with amazing sucking! God, never seen such a unique toy, the soft material is comforting and the tongue is so soft it doesn't hurt me, it's great! I give it full marks for creativity compared to other vibrators! It takes about 1 hour to charge, it's a magnet charger, and it will last about 40 minutes. There is an air vent inside, please don't block it when sucking or it won't work. I definitely recommend this toy!
  • Se****fy
    To start this off, I am an avid sex toy collector. I have quite the pile of different vibrators, mainly focusing on clitoral stimulation. I've tried so many oral-like toys, amd I have to say that in my travels I've found that most of those toys are... not like the real thing.IN COMES THIS BAD BOY. HOLY. HELL. I've NEVER had a toy like this. To me, this toy feels like the real thing. Rub lube on the outside lips and the tongue and youll think so too 😏 It will take you straight to heaven. Not many of my toys can make me go cross-eyed, but this is one of them.The suction function is amazing. Very strong, and combined with the large outer lips it makes for a pleasurable sensation. The tongue feels to me like the real thing, which again I haven't really come close to in a toy. The material is THE SOFTEST that I have ever felt on a toy, and to be honest I believe that's one of the reasons why this toy works so well.Typically with me, I only feel good, really good, when I'm about to climax. This toy though??? I felt amazing all throughout the duration I used it. As I'm writing this review, I'm still laying on my couch, wiped out from this little sucker.Litterally I would rate this toy more than five stars if I could. The toy itself and the price make for a 10/10 experience.