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Reviews (6)
  • D****a
    This is great so it actually isn’t to big or heavy for me to hold, the settings especially the spinning is great works well you even get a little bottle of lubricant yayyyy and the packaging was perfect everything was there I’m super excited about this toy.
  • J****r
    My husband loves this little toy he can use it solo and we can play together. Pleasure of a whole new level. Highly recommended!!
  • Sc****ry
    I am really impressed with this product. It's user-friendly and straightforward.I could not choose a favorite setting because all of them are great. The battery life is really good. I would definitely recommend to a friend
  • St****er
    It's a little bigger than expected but it does the job. It's kinda like a tornado honestly.
  • T****0
    This is the toy that I have been looking for. This is the toy that I wanted all the times in the past when I've paid $200 for a thing that I only used once. First of all, I love how great it is to use even without any of the powered mechanisms engaged. Even if I was stranded on a deserted island without electricity, I would bring this toy over any of my other sleeves.

    The rotation mechanism is the ultimate 'get you started' sensation. It is amazing for edging: turning on the rotation, then turning it off and working manually, then again the rotation. It's also very light and easy to hold, easy to position, easy to use.

    Now for the boring stuff: it has the type of charger I prefer, the end that plugs into the toy looks like a headphone cable, easy and simple. The way that the motor segment and the soft segment separate is ideal; the soft part is easy to clean and the motor part that charges is very discreet looking without the soft segment. (When separating them it is a simple matter of carefully pulling apart, the first time I was afraid I was doing it wrong, but there isn't a switch or latch, they simply snap into each other)

    I can't recommend highly enough. My favorite spicy purchase ever.
  • ****e
    I don’t usually leave reviews especially on something explicit. But this is a must have, an amazing machine. Any man in your life will love you, for getting him this product, she wanted to try something new to spice things up a little! And WOW!!! It packs a punch you won’t regret, easy to hold, and hold on for the Ride, 5 Thrusting with the Rotating and then 10 Vibrating. This is the toy you have been looking for all your life, it’s easy to use, easy to assemble, easy to clean and very easy to get addicted too. The Best!! It came in a discreet packaging I didn't know what it was. You get a lot of bang for your buck; Yes, and the price is awesome too.