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Reviews (7)
  • F****d
    Dude recommended it to me privately, and I bought one with the mentality of trying it out. At first it was really just curiosity, but now it can't stop. Curious friends can buy it to experience it.
  • L****s
    Very nice product
  • C****e
    Black-tech approprié, particulièrement facile à utiliser, addictive.Le monde est compliqué, donc c’est le plus sain, sauf pour la petite amie...
  • B****d
    Black Widow! I like her name! The suction power of the product is very strong, and the name suits it very well. The beautiful black shell and the sweet and beautiful entrance made me dream. I'm a fan of masturbator cups, believe me, this sucking cup is worth recommending!
  • J****l
    The first time I used it, I was sent straight to another universe...and my money was not wasted. The material is very real to the touch, so the design is what I like, there is an immersive touch that can meet my need. What is most important is that it is easy to use and the degree of simulation is very high.
  • M****B
    I have seen these flesh lights for a long time and would loved to try one but the cost was prohibited. With the wife busy at work and this product came up, and the cost was fair, I pulled the trigger. This thing is huge. It couldn't pass for a flashlight, so you've gotta find a good place to hide. Tried it the first night because the wife was tired and not motivated as well as on her period.A dab of lube at the opening, and WOW! This is the next best thing! The air venting sound was diverting my attention, but with some experimenting, it wasn't noticable. (Try putting it between the pillows, sofa cushions, or putting on headphones).It was hard getting the image of me banging a piece of plastic out of my head but it is worth the effort.I would not say this is a daily use toy as cleanup is a bit of a hassle when compared to simple handwashing, but if you have the time... It is the most awesomeness male toy ever invented!
  • K****e
    Attention please! Wanna to get a wonderful felling? Buy it, don't wait! You can't imagine the heaven beneath this glossy black high-end exterior: flesh-colored pussy, soft and smooth to the touch, pink ruddy clit, realistic entrance always eager for your destruction. The interior contains well-distributed full convex spherical large particles. It can precisely rub every part of your majestic penis through vibration and suction, and the tight and elastic vagina clamps your every sensitive point, making you want to stop. Five levels of sucking, allowing you to obtain tenderness like water or passion like fire according to your needs. Plus three speeds and seven frequencies of vibration bring you intense fun in different rhythms. Come on, indulge in overwhelming pleasure, in a erotic combination of tenderness and violence.