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Reviews (4)
  • M****e
    The product comes nicely wrapped. Its a very nice product. Easy to use and wash.
  • Ar****is
    I survived prostate cancer and after a radical prostatectomy I am unable to achieve an erection. This product has saved my sanity. Without being able to achieve an erection it made masturbation by hand very frustrating. Using this toy makes masturbating without an erection easy and very satisfying. I am extremely happy with my purchase and truly enjoy using it.
  • l****ri
    This product is fun and can be controlled by remote or by an app had multiple speeds/patterns of vibrations my man said it felt great the only thing is its a little big like bulky as far as if you wanted to wear it under clothes and a little hard to stay on so definitely fun to play with behind closed doors
  • Ja****ld
    My wife and I did not just start purchasing adult toys over the last 3 or 4 years when they mainstream much like the majority of the public. This is the first time i have purchased something that not only lived up to the description, but is of the quality of something that cost 4 times as much. Please don't let the unorthodox name deter you from purchasing this because you will miss, in my opinion, the best product of its type on the market. I am 54 years old and if this product can make this kind of impression on me then you can't argue with that. I would recommend this product to any man looking to maintain his performance level by increasing his endurance and lasting power ...Awesome!!