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Reviews (4)
  • Jo****yn
    Fist of all I want to say INSTRUCTIONS SUCK!!! took me a while to figure it out and just when I thought calling Hellofuntoys to return, I pressed the button underneath the vibrator and held for a while and then I pressed the remote (seemed useless - pressing and pressing and nothing happening). Then, voila! it worked. NOTE TO SELLER: Please update the instructions and by the way, what the hell is that USB cable you sent with the equipment? There is no place to use it - it doesn't charge the vibrator or remote?????.

    Other than that was very glad it work. OMG....There is no way this equipment would have a bad review ..... (other than for lack of instructions) the amount of vibrations, shaking, thrusting are out of this world. All I want to do is come home from work and play. No need to go out anywhere....
    Extremely satisfied customer here.
    Service:Dear member,
    thanks for your suggestion. We have revised the description.
  • a****b
    wow intense vibration long lasting does me and my lady wow wow wow
  • J****C
    Remote works great easy to enjoy!!!
  • M****r
    Was reluctant to buy this one and turned it out the best acquisition ever, on this market full of adults toys, you can easily encounter scam or products that are far away from what they advertise, specially when it comes to online shopping. After days of intensely browsing, I decided for Prostate Massager Anal Vibrator and to my surprise: I found the perfect product. I rarely write a review, but why not to provide a trustable feedback,m when a product is worthy and this it is. Why? Let me tell you: 1. My husband loved it and so do I. Yes!! Nonetheless Is for prostate, but Oh boy! Women will be bless whit this prostate massager as well, since is suitable for female’s satisfaction as well. 2. Price- quality balance is perfect; I was surprised about the quality of the product taking in consideration what we paid. In the past, we had paid way more for less quality 3. Perfect for beginners who wants to explore without pain because Has an ergonomic shape, which make it easier for insertion and manipulation. 4. Not to big or small, what is perfect for prostate massage, specially for beginners Satisfied with this purchase. This product fulfill my expectation and does the job. The only downside it might be that make a little bit of noise when is at the faster speed, other than this, we absolutely love it In a nutshell: Don’t sleep on it. Buy it.